Ingrid G. Watson, South Pasadena California USA

Swami has helped my house energy and property for almost a year. I live atop a large hillside in South Pasadena. I have a beautiful view of the mountains, and have many birds and wild animals. When I purchased the house it was leaning due to a beam that shifted in an earthquake. The house was on stilts, and the floors were off by 4 to 7 inches. Nobody would purchase the house. I saw a vision and today, with a large retaining wall and and rebuilt floors and interiors, I have a beautiful house and gardens. I am a psychologist who has believed in the power of positive energy all my life. Swami has brought Vastu Energy into my outer and interior surroundings with the help of Pyravastu techniques. Different types of pyramids are placed in different locations around the house. Pyramid Power is wonderful! Now I am so excited, I am referring all of my friends. Heaven is on earth, and the peace and joy I get from being here is priceless.

Ingrid G. Watson South Pasadena, CA.