Claudia, Pyracard and PyraVasu, New York New York USA

Dear Swami:  Following the disciplined example of my husband in the use of Pyracards, and perceiving more harmony at home due certainly to PyraVastu set up by you, I began energizing both my Pyracard and my dearest son’s card every time we were going out for a walk or for a mere errand. Since then, I have noticed my limitations diminishing little by little.  For no apparent reason, I tended to create separation and mess, especially in my affective relationships, imposing my ideas and underestimating others’ view points. Using Pyracards and putting my faith in them, I have become progressively more understanding toward my beloved ones and more aware of my possibilities to transform myself by altering the intention of my thoughts.  I am now thinking more positively and less anxiously with no overwhelming effort. Lately, it has become easier for me to do things I used to find really difficult like meditation. I attained a meditative state for first time in my life!!! Now, I am breathing to visualize and attract what I want for my life and I am embracing all the people I love. I trust God and myself.  That is why I say “No wonder special people like you, Swami, and accurate tools like PyraVAstu and Pyracards arrived in my life”.

With love, Claudia

September, 6th 2009,
New york, New York