* First take the Max plate and place it up side down. * fix all nine chips with glue, take care that pyramids must go inside the plate. * Now take the Copperon base, remove the release paper from glue tape. Fix it on the chip in such a way that copper is visible outside. Glue must stick with the chips. * Stick all nine to the chips, one by one. * Fix the plate to the Max top with glue. Now your Multier – Max is ready for programming your wish. All of the following should be installed in a Max pyramid Max plate Max Plate with nine chips Nine copper visible

BETTER FIXING ARRANGEMENTS If you want to use for land – place it underground in the center or as per need. For wall and ceiling your Max can be fixed with brass screws. First fix the Max plate on the wall with the screw and then fix the top on it.

PERSONAL PROGRAMMING The simple way to make a personal programming is; close your eyes, become calm and give command of well wish for the purpose. So your Max is now in harmony with you and starts working. For optimum results apply FaMaa. Fix at appropriate locations.

INNOVATION FOR RESULT MAXIMIZATION Max is an outcome of intense research by an experienced Bio-energy scientist, PyraVastu inventor and world-renowned master, Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt and his team. He always thinks that instrument must be simple, practical and result oriented. He takes utmost care in developing Pyramid Yantra so that we can save time, effort and money spent to get desired results.

UNIVERSAL HARMONY! Heaven, Earth and Man are three interdependent planes of energy that resonate in harmony to form our universe. The Egyptian picture below symbolically indicates a man lifting up his arms and separating the Heaven from the Earth, creating space in between. It also indicates the Man as a stair-case for our souls to ascend from the Earth to the Heaven. AS per the ancient Egyptian scriptures there are three worlds. They are- Ta, Dwat and Nut. The soul travels from Ta(Earth) to Dwat (Man) and finally reaches Nut(Heaven) the spiritual realm.

RESULT MAXIMIZING FACTOR #1 Large volume(270 x 270 x 150mm) 270x270mm As we know the space inside the pyramid is more important Max captures more space for fast results.

#2 MULTI LEVEL ACTION Max has four energy grids for optimizing power.

#3 NINE COPPER YANTRA Nine special ‘Copperon’ programmers for better FaMaa. Note; all 9 Copperon are to be fixed at the bottom with copper visible outside. This base yantra is a new fourth layer added so that you program each separately. This gives more perfection.

#4 QUICK AND EASY TO USE Max has many more features like-interlocking layers; better fixing facility and self-gumming ‘copperon’ yantras for saving our time and making it easy for us to fix Max quicky. Installing Max saves five times the space usually required by multier original. For placing 81 units of multier original, you require 9’x9′ which comes to 81 sq feet area. But with the new Multier Max for the same results you only require nine Multier Max which makes 4’x4′ i.e. 16 sq feet. One other advantage of this Multier Max is that, unlike the six-inch space to be left between the two original multiers, only three-inch space is to left between the two Multier Max. Just one Multier Max is to be used in place of nine original multiers yet the results obtained would be far much better than the previous one. 9 Multier Original Multier Max

#5 POWER OF 9×9 This revolutionary concept of 9×9 is created to give power of nine pyramid in one. In this new Multier-Max Dr. Jiten has utilized both vertical and horizontal multiplication system, to give best results. The ‘9×9’ horizontal multiplication of the pyramid generates triple action projections on each side of Max. When nine pyramids are merged into one it becomes a single 9×9 Max.


This new Multier-Max is a very versatile tool and gives better results in Vastu and Feng Shui corrections due to its 9 times more power. ROOM ACTIVATION Max is a revolutionary concept in this field. Here you do not worry about the room location, whether it is as per Vastu rules or not. In this method you just need to know which direction is favorable for that room.

For the kitchen south-east direction is good. So here just fix one (more as per room size) Max pyramid in south-east corner. You can either fix on south wall or on the east wall, if there is no space you can also fix on the ceiling.

Similarly for bed room south-west energy is suitable, now if your room is not in that direction it is a Vastu defect. You can easily get the benefit of the southwest energy by fixing a Max on the south or west wall irrespective of in which direction your bedroom is.

Example For living room north or west is ideal`.

Example: In pooja (altar)room it can be fixed in east or north corner.

Example: East wall is best to fix a Max in study room.

Similarly at all other places as per Vastu.

These new methods are developed due to complicated plans of modern constructioin. Here we treat each room as a whole, so it is very practical and result oriented. We are activating each room or correcting the defective room as per the beneficial cosmic force from the nature according to Vastu in an individual room. Fixing of the Max pyramid on the wall or the ceiling is best, but if you do not have any arrangement of fixing you can place on a table or inside a shelf in that corner.


Beneficial energy of north is must for any shop, so you can fix a Max in the north wall or ceiling.


You can fix in the north-east direction of your cabin or on the north wall of your whole office.


In addition to the corner activation you can charge your center also. Find the center of your house or office and fix a Max, this will strength the power of the room or house. You can fix on the ceiling, wall center or the best is before construction place it under the ground. The same can be used of land charging before constructiion.


In apartment fix one Max above the main door from inside. If there is less space on the top of the door it can be fixed on the ceiling at the same position. In case of a bungalow you can do the same as in flat but can also protect the main entrance gate by placing two Max under the ground on each side. For factory or any huge property place nine on one side of the gate and the other nine Max onthere side, underground. Farm and land activation can be done by nine or 81 Max in the center. Many other uses of Max are possible you can experiment and explore them yourself! For more pyramid experiments you can refer to the book-Pyramid Yantra for Vastu and Feng Shui by Dr. Dhara Bhatt.


As we are working on subtle level we should know and understand the subtle anatomy very well. The tattva diagram above defines the various sub-functions which are unfolded from the initial unity. It is though these functions that the flow of energy is channelized to experience the world. The pure tattvas divide into two – Shiva & Shakti which interact with the three energies of will, knowledge and action, which are the prime movers of cosmmic evolution. The next comes the psychical tattva which is also called “Maya Shakti.

It is divided into five limitations-Kalaa, Vidya, Raga, Kaal and Niyati. These five veil and obscure our perception of reality. Then next are the physical tattvas which are divided into Purush and Prakriti (Fa & Maa), Male and Female. The Prakriti is divided into Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, which are further divided into 3 modes of mind, 5 sense organs, 5 action agents; 5 subtle and 5 gross elements. We do not go into details of all the tattvas because we are here dealing with only physical field of action.

In the physical field there are three basic levels to start first – subdivisions of physical tattvas i.e. Fa & Maa, Mind and the 5 elements to explore new uses further. FA MAA father energy mother energy

Now we know the subtle anatomy and understand that we are all working between the two powerful forms of divine – Shiva and Shakti. Here in PyraVastu, we deal with Man – his surroundings, how he is affected by them, what he can do and what he can achieve. Our journey of life begins from the divine union of a micro Fa (Sperm) and a micro Maa (ovum). Hence it is due to Fa & Maa that we have our present miraculous body. Everything in this universe including us is harmoniously divided into two divisions, Fa & Maa. On the level of divine we are divided into-Pure Consciousness and Bliss, on level of mind and emotions-Will and Love and on level of body-Nervous system and Circulatory system. Balance between Fa & Maa brings natural happiness, health and prosperity. We will see how to take into practical use this enormous power within us on next page.

FA—Consciousness-powerful intention-mind-brain-spinal cord-nerves-nervous system MAA-Bliss-Pure Love-Emotion-Heart-blood vessels-capillaries-blood circulation system


All work is done between two opposite ends or polarities – e.g. positive and negative in electricity and Fa Maa in living beings. So like everywhere in the universe we also have two in built power generators within us-Fa and Maa. Before installing any instrument for some purpose it should be oriented. By doing orientation millions of micro particles in the space of the instrument start harmoniously communicating with each other and also with centers of other spaces as per program. Let’s start Programming: 1. Sit in a quiet, clam & comfortable place.

2. Rub your hands lightly for 1 – 2 minutes.

3. Place the instrument on Maa (left) hand, then place the Fa (right) hand on top of it.

4. Close your eyes.

5. Create Maa awareness for 30 seconds by evoking pure love within yourself from heart.

6. Then create Fa awareness for 30 seconds by repeating your purpose with intense will from brain.

7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 alternately for 3-5 minutes.

8. You can now place the FaMaa oriented instrument whenever needed to fulfill your purpose.

Basically, FaMaa is the subtle method of powerful charging for your Pyramid Yantra. So, FaMaa can be created by remembering your Father & Mother or God and Goddess you believe in. You can also orient by using healing techniques like Reiki, Pranic healing, meditation or by any other spiritual method.

MULTIER 9X9 –MAX 19 veces más poderoso que Multier El nuevo y avanzado Multier Max está desarrollado con precisión por el mundialmente reconocido fundador del Pyra-Vastu, profesor doctor J. Bhatt, para maximizar los resultados del Pyra-Vastu y obtener más salud y prosperidad. Los excelentes resultados obtenidos con él, no se deben solamente a la precisión de sus dimensiones, sino también a la perfecta sintonización hecha por grandes maestros. De igual forma, las frecuencias vibratorias de cada capa y la armonización de cada componente producen un enorme poder que maximiza su eficiencia. Es ideal para las correcciones de Vastu en apartamentos, cuartos, casas, etc. Debido a que el Multier Max tiene el poder original de las 9 multier pirámides, puedes usarlo con frecuencia para grandes proyectos como en terrenos para fábricas, fincas, hospitales, etc. Se puede usar en múltiplos de 9 tal como 9, 18, 27… dependiendo del área o gravedad del problema. Componentes secretos . Acción multi max en la tapa . Placa armonizadora cósmica max . 81 pyra devine , 9 chips max . 9 programadores Copperon max en la base Las pirámides max también están disponibles en conjuntos de 9, como en los conjuntos MAX.

Click to watch a video about the Max Pyramid: