Sheila Van Houten on Pyramid Yantra

I have bought several pyramids from PyraHealth in the last few months, and I am so delighted to recommend these items! They are so reasonably priced that anyone can begin a new adventure with them for under $15!

The pyramid eye glasses encourage profound and peaceful meditation, and my eyes say “thank you, thank you, thank you”.  At 64, I still see 20/25 unassisted, but after a 15-minute session with these glasses, my vision is even sharper! After doing work on the computer, I reward myself with a session at least once a day. The meditation seat seems to provide me with out-of-the-blue creativity, and our CAT sleeps on that cushion almost all the time now! She took to it from the instant I placed it! I have to make an appointment with her to use it myself!

Last week, I placed the Max Pyramid in the exact center of our house, and my consulting business has now begun to revert itself to pre-911 levels! It started to happen within ONE HOUR of placement. I strongly recommend it for every business owner because every single one of us took a direct and heavy hit in the years following that unspeakable tragedy.

My Pyracard sits on my desk and is a powerful point of focus for me. The multiple benefits of this simple item is impressive, and I can feel them working. As one who nearly died in 2002, I am diligent about my health and energy, and the Pyracard is a wonderful enhancement to my efforts.

I have indoor and outdoor Bagwas on the front and side doors of our house, and that feels really good to me. (My dear husband just nods and smiles about all of this, by the way!) We even have the Ganesh pyramid panel in our bedroom to correct the fact that we have a northwest bedroom!

I now recommend the Marriage Pyramid to all my single love-coaching clients. We will see what the results will be, but I have a pretty good idea they will have experiences similar to Oram Miller’s.

I am new to PyraHealth, but I am thrilled with the energetic results I have experienced already.
The PyraHealth classes are something I look forward to every month, and I am excited about being certified as a consultant this July. I also look forward to having the free consultation done on our home.

Update:  Now, four years after Vastu-ing our entire home and property, I am happy to report that our businesses are thriving and our clients are happy, especially those who bought the marriage pyramid, the car pyramid, the headache band, and the Super Max!  Some have Vastu’d multiple properties and businesses to great benefit:  Peace, prosperity, and well being!

Thank you, PyraHealth, for bringing these wonderful products to us, and thank you, Audrey L., for introducing me to them! Sincerely,

Reverend Sheila Van Houten

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA