Oddvar Larsen on Pyravastu Pyramids , Minneapolis Minnesota USA

After I installed all the pyramids in my house, it took one-and-a half to two weeks and things started to happen.

For four years, my business went lower and lower and my frustration level went get higher and higher.  I tried everything, even new ventures, with no results.  I started my own company over in Sweden 1971 and was pretty successful until I moved to USA in 2002.  It went OK for two to tree years, then everything turned around.

In August, 2009, I meet Swami In Duluth at a holistic exhibition, and he introduced me to Pyra Vastu. Two weeks after that, i installed the pyramids, and I could feel the energy in the house changing gradually.

Then I was introduced to a new business opportunity that hit me with full power, and I have not been so enthusiastic in many years.  It is going fast. It is the fastest-growing network business ever, almost 500,000 people in 9 months and it grows even faster in India and Thailand.  The company is in over 40 countries to date. It started in USA at the beginning of August, 2009 and just exploded.

Thanks to Swami and Pyra Vastu, things is going in the right direction now for me.

Oddvar Larsen