Gabrielle Godling, Miami Florida USA

WOW…..  wow……  wow…..That seems all I can say at this
time with this new pyramid that I purchased for my car.

I am sharing this information with you, because I thought you might like to know about this to improve gas mileage.

My name is Gabrielle Godling, and I live in Miami, FL. I recently drove from Miami to Orlando, and started with a full tank of gas to drive the 254 miles.

Just before arriving in Orlando, I had to stop and put gas in, so that was another 10.00.  (Gas was very expensive on the turnpike.) My gas tank was on empty when I arrived in Orlando.

Here’s is the exciting part.  I met a gentleman named Swami at the Expo in Orlando, and purchased one of his PRYAMIDS for my vehicle, placed it on my dashboard, and on my drive home, I also started with a full tank of gas.  Much to my amazement, I only used a HALF TANK of gas.  Same number of miles, speed thesame, weather conditions the same.

I know this Pyramid works, because I experienced it myself.
It becomes very exciting for me to share this with my friends,
and it is not network marketing, it is just a direct sale, and the price
I paid was $39.99.  Swami is the only person who has the right to sell
this in the United States.

If this interests you, please give me a call.
1-877-854-3560, and be sure to leave a message.
Or call me direct at 480-778-0459, or email me at [email protected]