Paul Olson, Minneapolis Minnesota USA

“Within 36 hours of getting my Pyracard, I noticed things changing for the better. I was approached on line at a dating website for the first time by someone from Hawaii who has come to see me.”

With the placement of the Pyramid in my vehicle I noticed that there were more opportunities to get through crowded traffic situations, and my attention is right on target when the situation becomes hazardous. On a vacation the car overheated, but it happened where there was a gas station right there! I gave one to a friend for her car.  She was in an accident, but she was unhurt even though her front end was smashed in and the car totaled.

In my home, the pyramids have made a more balanced environment, and the entry pieces have helped me along with the Pyracard. Shortly after they came into my life, doctors took me off a medication that had been compounding a health issue and creating a hostile atmosphere from my employer. The situation has been getting more stable every week since the pyramids have been in place.

If you would like to visit this Pyramid-corrected home in South Minneapolis, arrangements can be made through Swami Anand Veetrag.