What Pyracard to select? Pyracard is based on birth date and finding the missing number gives the actual numerology chart in which a person is born. All pyracards work with the same principle to correct the missing fortune and restore a balance in the magic square of 9. This is achieved with the help of 9 pyramids placed on the pyracard. Once the individual programs the pyracard for certain purpose over and over again that purpose gets accomplished. Keeping the purpose simple helps and also keeping one purpose at a time makes it achievable. Selecting a pyracard can be easy. Based on your immediate purpose select one or more pyracards from the list below. In the innovative design Dr. Jiten Bhatt has assembled the pyracard with metal disc, crystal,9 copper pyramids all assembled together. All that is needed is the calculation of missing numbers, signing the name in red and putting your picture. Pyracard is ready to be used right out of the package.

Calculate the missing number

For business growth select

For job and Career

For Relationship select

For better Health select

For social networking,popularity and leadership

For better Education and successful studies


For high risk jobs like military, navy, airline, miners, nurses, doctors, heavy equipment operators

For Releasing Stress and tensions

For Lawyers and for individuals with pending court cases

For Reiki Practitioners and Healers

While Pyracards have known to work for personal growth and achievement there are two other tools which can help in very immediate wish fulfillment. Try for more immediate personal wish

Also for long term wish and every day rejuvenation please try