Vastu Shastra Pyrahealth Pyramid Power For A Greater Life and Purposeful Living

 Tools and training manuals to correct Feng Shui and Vaastu of family and friend’s homes.

Information for users of our products:

  • What Pyracard to select – What Pyracard to select? Pyracard is based on birth date and finding the missing number gives the actual numerology chart in which a person is born. All pyracards work with the same principle to correct the missing fortune and restore a balance in the magic square of 9.
  • Pyracard Calculator – This calculator is used to find your missing numbers, when using a Pyracard.
  • Auspicious Time mobile apps – The Ace Auspicious Time apps calculate beneficial times for activities at your location.
  • Pyramids for Vaastu (14th edition) – The most read book on pyramids. This is a bible for pyramid followers. With a multitude of solutions and amazing experiments. Bring home this book and realize the secret power of pyramids for yourself.
  • PyraVastu workshop manual – This printed manual includes picture sketches and instructions for major vaastu and fengshui situations.
  • Pyra-Vaastu Evaluation – For requesting assistance with evaluation of a specific area.
  • Articles – For browsing information in this web site.

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