Examples of how to apply the yin-yang theory for every day use


  • According to feng shui, in the center of the house maximum yin-yang energy is present and so when this part is used for applying yin-yang theory, it gives the best results.  First of all remove all clutter from the center and other places in the house.
  • There are some places and corners of the house, inside and outside, that always remain shaded or dark.  This can lower the flow of chi.  One solution is to place a small light in that place and leave it on all the time.  In other places where there is too much light, use dark panes of glass or window film to lessen having too much chi.
  • If some corner or room of the house or work space is passive, an area where there is no activity or much less activity done there, place a wind chime or any other constantly moving object to balance its energy.
  • If some rooms of the house are far too ventilated then lessen the ventilation.  If some room is less ventilated then increase the ventilation to balance the energy in the room.

More ways to reduce yin

Houses and buildings near graveyards, hospitals, prisons, slaughter houses, churches and police stations have too much yin as they are associated with yin energies of death.  it is better not to live in such places but if you really cannot shift to another place, try these remedies –

  • If another building or geographical feature has too much yin, the yin in your building can be reduced by orienting the main door away from the yin region.
  • Do not have windows which open toward a region with too much yin.
  • Paint the main door with bright red, which has strong yang energy.
  • Keep outdoor lights on, as light is yang.
  • Bring in yang sunlight.  Consider cutting down yin shade trees.
  • Grow flowers in the garden.
  • Put garden lights around the house.
  • Paint your fence or garden wall in a bright color.
  • Use a red roof.
  • Include yang objects such as pebbles and stones in the garden design.
  • Hang harmonious pictures which create balanced yang energy.
  • Do not allow rooms to remain dark, cold, and damp for longer periods.
  • Placing red lanterns in a hall or a crystal chandelier just inside the main door promotes the flow of auspicious yang energy.
  • The Protect 9×9 Outside bagua diagram is for reflecting away negative yin energy, and must only be used outside.


More ways to create yang energy

  • Repaint walls in bright colors.
  • Bring in light.  White walls are very yang.
  • Change draping curtains with those with nets to allow light in the room.
  • Use bright colors for furniture and bed sheets.
  • Keep windows open.
  • If trees are blocking light, cut them back.
  • Install plenty of lights and keep one on continuously.
  • Keep radio, television or stereo on.  Active sound brings in yang energy.
  • Have vases of freshly cut flowers; dry or withered ones lower the chi.

Ways to reduce yang

Buildings that are constantly exposed to bright light or heat, near electrical transformers, high tension wires, or near a temple, and places that are too windy are exposed to too much yang energy.  It is good to avoid such places but if not, you can use these measures –

  • Paint your door in any shade of blue.
  • Select cool, yin colors for interior decoration.
  • Avoid too much noise in the house.
  • Avoid too much light and never has a red light turned on.
  • Introduce water features such as a smal fountain.
  • Paintings of lakes and rivers.
  • Maintain a well-manicured lawn in your garden.
  • Paint gates, fence, or garden wall in black.

Balancing chi

For chi to bring you health, good luck and prosperity it should be allowed to flow in its natural way.  Chi can be obstructed, confused, accelerated or stagnant in your living or working place due to numerous reasons.  You can correct this badly flowing chi by providing suitable remedies and enhancements.

By using a Bagua overlay, or other feng shui method, decide which section of your plot, house, room or desk requires to be corrected or enhanced.  When you have decided on which section to work, then you need to decide exactly what type of remedy or enhancement is required there, and apply it accordingly.  You can either stimulate by using the remedy for that section or enhance the enrichment by using the remedy of its supporting element from the constructive cycle of elements.  Use remedies and enhancements with awareness in such a way that they create harmony, beauty, cleanliness and balance.

  • Light – This remedy includes mirrors to deflect bad chi, lights to brighten dull chi, candles to warm up cold chi.  Do not keep lights in such a way that you can see bare bulbs.  It is used as remedy for ‘number 9’ section of Bagua or to enhance fame and prosperity.
  • Double images – It includes using two similar flower vases, painting of two birds, objects with mirror symmetry, two teddy bears, etc.  It is used as a remedy for ‘number 2’ section of Bagua or as an enhancer of relationship and happiness.
  • Color – This remedy includes anything from color of walls to prints and paintings.  Bright colors accelerate chi and pale colors slow down too much accelerated chi.  Bright and lively colors are used for ‘number 7’ section of Bagua and enhance children’s creativity.
  • Sound – This remedy includes wind chimes, bells, radio, harmonious music, ticking clock, etc.  If a clock is placed it should be seen that you always keep it at the right time.  It is used as a remedy for ‘number 6’ section of Bagua or as an enhancer for helpful people and making new beginnings.
  • Moving objects – It includes fluttering flags, flowing water, fountain and smoke from incense stick, clocks, mobiles, hammock, etc.  Mobiles, whether of natural fabric or not, should be light enough to be moved by breeze.  Remedy for ‘number 1’ and enhances career and business.
  • Stillness – It includes still objects like statues, crystals, heavy vase, sculptures, etc.  This would slow down chi that is too fast.  Hence, useful for places of study that need peace and relaxation.  It is used as a remedy for ‘number 8’ section of Bagua or as an enhancer of knowledge and intuition.
  • Functional objects – It includes tools and electric devices like television, electric toaster, computer, phone, etc.  Care should be taken not to overdo them as these are strong remedies.  It is remedy for ‘number 3’ section of Bagua and enhancer for family and wisdom.
  • Live objects – This remedy includes fishes, pets, plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables.  Dried flowers are considered dead and hence should not be used.  Also plants and objects with life should not be left unattended or allowed to get dusty.  Remedy for ‘number 4’ and enhances wealth and fortune.
  • Use the appropriate Pyron feng shui panel, each of which has the proper Bagua trigram, color, and Lo Shu number.  They are available as a set and individually.