Ace Auspicious Time apps are on Google Play and iTunes. Below is a summary.

Ace Auspicious Time is an app which calculates beneficial times for activities at your location. Using Indian Vedic astrology, the day and night’s eight Choghadiya Muhurtas are calculated. The Choghadiya time intervals have a nature of being good, neutral, or bad for starting an activity.

Your location and time zone are used to calculate your sunrise and sunset. For planning events elsewhere, you can change your latitude and longitude.

Types of Choghadiyas

There are seven types of Choghadiyas:

  • Amrit: nectar. [Moon, good]
  • Chal: okay, neutral. [Venus, neutral]
  • Kaal: to go after (with hostile intention), persecute [Saturn, bad]
  • Labh: gain, benefit. [Mercury, good]
  • Rog: disease [Mars, bad]
  • Shubh: lucky [Jupiter, good]
  • Udweg: regret, fear, distress (separation from a beloved object). [Sun, bad]