How to select a VAASTU land

1) After conducting soil tests you should see the yard is square or rectangle.

2) The yard should not be in the neighborhood of any religious place, public places, like marriage halls,church, hospitals, courts, factories and burial or cremation grounds.

3) Rubble, garbage and high ground opposite the gate of your house or factory is also not good.

4) There should not be anything blocking your main gate. It may be an electric and telephone pole or a tree some other pillar or rock or any thing which blocks the gate of your house or store. It is not Vaastu compliant.

5) If all these things are away from the main door by more than twice the length of your building then they do not have any effect.

6) A stream of filthy water in front of your house, factory or office is a clear loss of wealth. Even stationary dirty water is bad. Do not use any material from an old building in a new building. Always use new material in a new house.

7) When you plan a building leave more space in the East and North of the building and less space in the South and West. In other words, your building should be always be located in the Southwest corner of your lot.

8) If you leave more space on the West side of your house the male members of the house will get badly affected.

Also on shapes of a lot see

Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 99