1) House should have good upkeep and maintenance outside and inside, such as paint, cleaning, and landscaping.


2) House should have a regular shape; rectangle or square are good. No triangle, circle or polygon.


3) House construction should flow evenly, should not have abrupt walls.


4) When you want to put a door in a house, divide the front of the house in nine equal portions. Leave the five portions from the right while facing the house and make the door in the sixth square.


5) Make more of your doors and windows open towards Eastern and Northern sides.


6) Size of the main door should be neither too big or too small. It should be in proportion to the building.


7) Gate of the lot on the North, Northeast or the East is very good.


8) A door below the floor level of your house or factory should not be fixed at all.


9) The number of doors and windows should be less on the first floor than on the ground floor.


10) Your gate should not face any religious place, especially a temple. No shade of any religious place should fall on your house.


11) In case there are two external doors, they should be in the East and West for maintaining good balance. But the doors should not be in a straight line.


12) When your door is in the East or North, do not keep it exactly in the middle of the house. Shift it towards the Northeast.


13) The rest of the doors in the house should not be bigger than the main door.


14) If possible, keep windows in the Eastern and Southern side in the Kitchen.


15) Tall trees should not block your gate or the Northeast side of your lot. Under no circumstances should a tree be in the middle of the gate of your house, shop or factory.


16) The main entrance should be in the Northeast, East or North. If it is not possible, care should be taken that it is not in the Southeast or Southwest direction.