Pyramids can help in calming the negative energy emitting due to a power grid. Power grids in past were more in industrial location but mow have have moved closer to residential dwellings. Our pyramids can help in pacifying the negative coming from such big energy source.

Locate the wall closest to electrical pole, substation. PLace a advance pyramid on ceiling or a flat max on the wall. This will help absorb all the energies emitting from electrical grids.

Alternately if the pole is in your property apply a pyra strip in a straight line to cut of this area. Pyramids can be used in a group of 3 to get maximum impact.

Pyramid ideal for this purpose are as follows:

pyrastrip Pyramids

Max Pyramid

Flat Max Pyramid

Advance Pyramid

All of the above are multipurpose pyramids but they are proven to be effective in situation where there is high energy, substation, electrical poles etc.