Sit in a comfortable posture, Spine should be upright

1 Mahapran sound- 2 minutes

2 Kayotsarga- 5 minutes

3 Take inhalation in yellow color. Experience yellow color all around. The yellow color is going in the body with each breath

4 Take your mind in the front of the forehead (Shanti kendra)

.capacity to control is developing

.activity of mind is reducing

.Repeat in Loud voice 9 times and inside voice 9 times


Without control or discipline society cannot exist

When self discipline is there no need to have outside control

When the self discipline is relaxed, the control from outside becomes necessary

I do not want to jeopardize my freedom due to outside control

I understand discipline through self is definition of Anuvrat (small vows)

I promise to develop self discipline (10 minitues)

End this Anupreksha with Mahapran Sound (2 minutes)