Sit in a comfortable posture. Spine should be upright

1 Mahapran sound- 2 minutes

2 Kayotsarga- 5 minutes

3 Take inhalation in reddish brown color. Experience reddish brown color all around. The reddish brown color is going in the body with each breath

4 Focus mind at the point between two eyes and the eyebrows (Darshan Kendra)

.Humility is developing

.Twistedness is going away

.Repeat in Loud voice 9 times and inside voice 9 times


Humility and Truth are together. Where there is truth there is humility

A humble human being can accept other people’s emotions and communicate self emotions very well

Humble being can reduce the gap in thought and action

Humility is a big capability

I will practice and develop humility

(10 minutes)

End this Anupreksha with Mahapran Sound ( 2 minutes)