Anupreksha for gentleness (Mriduta)

Mahapran Sound 2 minutes

Kayotsarga 5 minutes

Inhale green color:All around there is green color. Green color air is going inside with each breadth.

On Shanti Kendra in the center of the forehead focus following

.Gentleness though is getting stronger

.Ego is going away

Do loud voice for 9 times follow up with 9 times of inside voice (6 minutes)


.My thought and actions should be humble to man and things

.I should be humble and true; Avoid “I am always true” thoughts

.I should not be egoist

.Be thankful for good deeds, honour thoughtfulness

.Seek forgiveness for inappropriate behaviour

.I will be conscious about above themes (10 minutes)

End this anupreksha with Mahapran Sound.(2 minutes)