I bought a big glass jar from the store. I have thousands of mushroom. They look gorgeous. I really love them. They make me feel really good.I am feeling so much better. Thanks! To you!!”



Items needed: clear jar, preferably tall and wide mouth, glass. Plastic spoon, plastic strainer.

Now you have a mushroom sample.

To get a good mushroom drink, immediately wash wit cold water and pour it through a strainer. Wash with room temperature water. Running tap water washes the best. Let it stand for a few minutes.

Now you are ready to add molasses or brown sugar. Put the mushroom back in your jar. Ideally no metal spoon should be used glass or plastic works best. Add one cup of cold water. Water should be enough so that mushrooms are just soaking in it enough. The first time add the brown sugar/molasses now cover with a cheese cloth/netting so that enough light goes through. Do not put the lid on, instead use the cloth and secure the jar mouth with a rubber band.

Fresh sample of mushroom

It is important to make fresh sample to carry or mail. To make sample for one person add 2 Tbs of already washed mushroom crystals in a large glass jar add 2 cup water 4 Tbs of molasses or 6 Tbs of brown sugar cover with plastic netting or cheese cloth. After 24 hours wash and again add 2 cup water 4 Tbs molasses. Next morning drain the water and keep your starter and use extra sample to mail or carry.In two days you can get one sample in 4 days you have two samples so on and so forth…To double the sample or to have a faster growth double the quantity of water and molasses

For travel take the mushroom and strain in the plastic strainer quickly add it back in a plastic bottle. A clear plastic jar with a plastic lid is good. make a hole in the plastic lid. Put the lid and carry. This mushroom sample can stay for 2 days but on reaching destination quickly feed the molasses and add water. Rinse and throw the first water. Next day add fresh water and molasses. The day after drink is good to take.

Do not ingest the mushroom the drink is the only part which is beneficial as a probiotic or a complete meal

To get your free sample follow the link. Shipping is additional. We do charge $2.00 handling for all samples Mushroom sample

Also add a pyramid chip to get a pyramid charge drink Pyra chip