Following tools are available for dealer
to make effective sales of pyrahealth products.


  1. Online instruction manual With training you can use and apply different tools to correct fengshui and vastu of family and friends homes.This online instruction are handy and easy to access.
  2. Pyravastu workshop manual This is a printed manual includes picture sketches and instructions for major vastu and fengshui situations.
  3. Pyramids for Vaastu (14th edition) most read book on pyramid, this is a bible for pyramid followers. With multitude of solutions and amazing experiments, bring home this book and realize secret power of pyramids for yourself.
  4. Find missing number from birthdate Pyra Calculator

  5. 2014 Catalog

  6. Spring catalog 2012

  7. Series 2014

  8. Featured articles

  9. Other great tools for reseller to organize at no additional cost and great learning experience

  10. Pyramid event


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