Reiki is an energy healing practice which originated in Japan.  During treatment a person’s healing response is stimulated by the Reiki practicioner gently touching, or almost touching, the client.  It is used to enhance general health as well as relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and other symptoms.

It is named from the Japanese words “rei” and “ki”, which combined mean “universal life energy”.  The basis of Reiki therapy is to guide the source energy toward a body and promote healing.  Various techniques are used to enhance the energy, starting with a suitable environment and using tools such as candles, crystals, rocks, and pyramids.

With most treatment methods, the client lies down and the practitioner places their hands lightly on or near the client.  A series of about a dozen hand positions are used, and a therapy treatment session may last from 30 to 90 minutes.

Our Reiki product is the Reiki Pyramid, which is used to focus energy through its concentrated volumes, and help the trained practitioner for treatment of clients, objects, and water.  This product is intended for those with at least first degree Reiki training.