PyraVastu Pyramid Products

Manifesting! Pro-Max; Flat-Max; Max; Advance; Energy Plate; Wish Pyramid; Multier; Multier w/Bemore. Various sizes for centering of Self & Space

Call in greater alignment & attunement the magnetic, positive ion energies of the universe in synchronization and an accurately, divined, geometric tool from Source

Purifying-Electric! Fire Pyramid.

Electrons of energy are released with pure intention into the enteric, subtle dimensions and set into motion. New life one’s self with fire energy.

Diffuse Negativity! Natron w/ other pyramid tool to enhance positivity. Place in bathroom with salt and change in 6 months./

Healing! Reiki; Personal Pyracard; Pyrons

With the Reiki Pyramid, a personal possession (picture, medicine, jewelry, etc.) of one or many persons can be place in pyramid, then “charged’ & energy is held in pure space. For a healing “center.” Personal Empowerment! Personal Pyrahealth Card/s;

Any Pyrahealth Product Feel the positive ion energies develop increasingly, daily. Relate with pure Source energy. Created with spiritual intention in simple, materials made to last a lifetime.

Prosperity! Business Pyramid; Any Pyravastu Pyramid Product

Know true prosperity! Connect with source energy.

Sacred Space! Purchase a PyraVastu Pyramid Evaluation for your house, business, room, and/or land. For optimal, magnetic, universal-earth alignment of lightworkers.

Join the pyramid generation! Speciality Pyramids for Specific Usage! Car; Marriage; Harmony; Education

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Simply Astounding & Beautiful! Give the gift that “is beyond the norm” & will last a lifetime.