This time of the year with Eclipse behind us and Halloween in a week, change is everywhere. Kids are active in school and weather shows a lot of physical change in fall leaves and freezing temperature at night. In our last workshop interesting question came to be, one that needed some researching. A woman asked how do you see or measure a change due to Pyramids.

Well! I wanted to say that this change is like one’s faith. Can you measure faith? Instead, I said as you use you see the change due to use of a Pyramid.

Though,I know an age old tool called dowsing

This can measure the energy field around a pyramid. But like all healing tools pyramid is very much radiating a persons energy. So dowsing might take a big circle on someone’s pyracard and go in a pendumlum motion on a multier pyramid. How much is the energy?

Physics is at play here. what goes in comes out. The energy transfer is the same however you look at it. When we look with logical mind and keen eyes we cannot see but the manifestation due to pyramid is unusual, beyond explanation phenomenon.

The person undergoing this change has a boost of positive energy all around.As if user is unstoppable with immense secret energy source.It would not be right to explain in words.

Experience for yourself one pyramid at a time.