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Dugariya, Dughariya, Chogadiya, and Choghariya are all terms used since vedic times which refer to the best time for starting, projects, events, journey etc.

They have been used very accurately to find good times in a 24 hour cycle. Based on sunrise and sunset there are 8 such slots or Chogariyas while the sun is up. There are also 8 slots at night time. During each of the day and night periods there are 7 chogariya and the 8th is a repeat.  The order of the chogariya depends upon the day. The seven Dugadiya or Chogariya are described below.

Types of Chogadiya

There are seven types of Choghadiyas:

* Amrit: nectar. [Moon, good] This is the best time on a given day. This time should be used for starting new projects, leaving for travel, make an important phone call, surgeries, or medical procedures, to name a few. Also this is a good time for birthdays or weddings. Use this slot for excellent results.

* Chal: neutral, okay.This time is neutral and can be used to do almost any work. But this slot gives normal result to that activity. [Venus, neutral]

* Kaal: to go after (with hostile intention), persecute [Saturn, bad], This is the worst timing there can be. The work started in this slot will bring worst possible outcomes.

* Labh: gain, benefit. This is good time and will bring good results. [Mercury, good]

* Rog: disease [Mars, bad] This is another bad time and may bring bad health.

* Shubh: lucky [Jupiter, good] This is a good time and will bring good luck.

* Udweg: regret, fear, distress (separation from a beloved object). [Sun, bad] This is a bad time and will bring bad ending.


Start time matters

It is important to realize that the only thing to follow is the start time being in the auspiscious time slot. Those are namely Amrit, Shubh and Labh. If the started work does not end or flows to the next few slots, few days or weeks it is okay. The most important part is the start time to fall on the auspiscious time slot. A good example will be if you are travelling, travel starts from the time you leave your house. In this case you have to leave the house at the auspiscious time of Shubh, Labh or Amrit. Pick any of the three slots from that day or night of travel and start from the house. You will see that the journey will be very good, and bon voyage!

Beginning matters

If the project is ongoing you can look at the milestones as beginning points. For longer projects like construction projects or development projects look at the different milestones and try to start such at good times. For a construction project window installation is a milestone and that can be started on an auspiscious time of shubh, labh or amrit.

Person matters

The lead of any project or event has to follow the dughadiya to achieve the most beneficial results. If the main project leader started from home at good time he will have a very good day. The entire project will run smoothly.


It will be advantageous to postpone travel projects phone calls to the next best time available if you are not in a good time right now. Wait for the time to turn auspiscious again and then begin the new work.

Unforseen circumstances

In case you have to act and cannot wait till the best time, try to follow the following order to select the best time. The worst is the last. In no situation the last slot should be used and every effort should be made to avoid such a situation.  It is best when possible to start during an auspicious time which is rather early than to wait until the last minute to begin a task. For example if travelling leave the house at a good time even though your flight is 5 hours later. For a team project at work leave your house early.

For hard copy

Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 134 alt Also PyraVastu Workshop Principles

  • Amrit
  • Labh
  • Shubh
  • Chal
  • Udweg
  • Rog
  • Kaal

A long history

For ages, pujas, temple ceremonies, construction has been done based on the above calculation. We can use this ancient science to realize ultimate success in our personal lives.