New home kit comes with: filled with New Advance Pyramid, Protect 9X9 inside door, a compass and a Natron pyramid.

natron pyramid is used inside the main bathroom ceiling or wall. First clean the area to install, get brass screws or secure double sided adhesive tape.Put seasalt inside the natron chamber,Secure the box in the chamber and lock it. Once every six months the sea salt needs to be changed. This creates the new cleansing tool for the bathroom. For added benefit order a pyra band to keep the negative separate. This Pyraband works very well in case of attached bathrooms. Also make sure to get natron for kids bathrooms, guest bathrooms and main level bathroom.

Protect inside door goes on the main door of the house or apartment. It works well at eye level view. so install at the 5 feet from ground. In case of ornate doors this can also be installed on top of the door above the door frame.Using one brass or a double sided adhesive is the best to secure in place.

Advance pyramid is a first home pyramid which can be installed on the ceiling or wall. Ideally in you home install it in the center area on wall It is also installed on the ceiling in a central area of your property

compass is the most important tool used to find directions and angles in your property. Once you know the direction vastu and fengshui defects can be corrected easily. Place the compass away from any magnetic or electronic instrument. This compass can give true North east west south and 4 intermediate directions. Also find the angles of house layout. Ideally angles should be rectified with tools line pyra angle, promax, fire pyramid.