How to create Vastu bedroom Bedroom has to be situated ideally in south west corner of your home.

It should have regular shape.

It should be clutter free

To locate the bedroom in SW region virtually Place multier max in South or west wall of the existing bedroom and another in the south or west wall of the south west corner of the house.

Multier Max can virtually shift the bedroom For this fix you need two max.

Also try shift max and put the shift max in the SW corner of the bedroom and arrows pointing to the SW corner of the house.

Shift max can virtually move the bedroom to SW corner

For this fix you need 1 shiftmax To cut off the attached bathroom -place pyraband outside the bathroom door over the door.

Also put Natron in side the bathroom on the ceiling

Pyraband and Natron together can isolate the negative of an attached bathroom.

Natron and Pyraband can fix the negative of a bathroom

Mirror or dresser Ideally the mirror should be placed in the North or east wall, if otherwise, place 9 pyrachips on the mirror.

Pyrachips can be used to mitigate the negative of mirror If the door is facing the bed in a bedroom place 3 protect inside on the side of the bed.

Protect inside If the slant is the roof from north to south or from east to west we can reverse this by placing set of 3 multier under the bed or on the wall below the slant.

Multier original If the bed is under the beamput the multier set of 3 on the wall below the beam to neutralize the effect.

Multier original Additionally the wardrobe should open in North direction. The cash and jewelry drawer should open best in north direction and any other direction but south.

Bed should be kept in a way that the head faces south or west. When you get up in the morning you face either east or North. On placement of room

Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 108