Frequently asked questions that may help you in understanding and finding ways to adapt ‘Pynergy’ to your lifestyle.

Pyramid Structure

1) How energy gets multiplied in that specific structure, where there are lots of different geometrical structures?


A lot of study has gone into pyramid structure and this optimal shape attracts and conserves the energy the best because of its angles and shape. It aligns with the cosmic universe to attract the most positives and preserves this energy.


2) Any biological healing effect is there, if any one alive kept at 1/3rd Height from base in pyramid.


The biological effect is proven with preservation of mummies. Keeping alive depends on the physical well being. In current form, doing meditation under the pyramid shape helps in physical well being. Meditation under pyramid also helps in reaching higher consciousness very quickly. The zest for life follows.


3) Any small model, if kept near the patient, recovery shall be faster, or is larger sized pyramid structure in real time required for the experiment where the patient is to be kept inside the pyramid.


Any size pyramid is effective. We have small size medicine pyramid and wish pyramid of 6 inches and 12 inch pyramids like max, promax also. Reiki pyramid is about 8 inches.


4) What should be the structural material [metal or non metal] required for construction of pyramid?


Construction of pyramids has been done with various materials like metal wires, stone, crystal, glass. getting the exact angle is the most important part. Once you have the angles, benefits are sure to follow. Our pyramids are made of neo polymer plastics, because this is a most effective material in maintaining the shape. Our pyramids are used a lot in pyramid vaastu so it achieves flexibility in using them under ground, inside the house and in vehicles. We also have personal pyramids. Always remember the more you use these instruments the more powerful it becomes.