Any protection from evil eye in pyramids? Pyramids are made to protect from negative energies. Pyramids have a natural energy preserving functions and helps to keep positive energy. There are two particular products which can get immediate result .If you try Mystic Eye. Make sure you put it in the south or west wall of the bedroom, ideally. This pyramid will work day and night and clear the area of any adverse energy. Also it will protect from any future evil attacks.

Some of the other products are Protection and Safeguard fortune card This fortune pyracard makes you feel protected and secured. Carry the protection and safeguard pyracard with you to get the best results.

Also protecting your following living area will help.

Center of the property

Max Pyramid ideal, property size chart


Natron on the ceiling

Main Door

Inside door on the entrance


Energy plate on the south or best wall


Fire Pyramid perform with camphor tablets every day till symptoms subside Use pyramid on the center of the property based on following chart