Sit in a comfortable posture. Spine should be upright

1 Mahapran sound- 2 minutes

2 Kayotsarga- 5 minutes

3 Take inhalation in blue color. Experience blue color all around. The blue color is going in the body with each breath (5 minutes)

4 Take your mind in the center of the forehead (jyoti Kendra)

.Resilience is getting stronger

.Mental Balance is increasing

.Repeat in Loud voice 9 times and inside voice 9 times


Body Response

Environment Disease

Mental Response

Pain-Pleasure Good times-Bad times

Emotional Response

-opposite thought -opposite behavior -opposite interest

All the above affect me but I will reduce them

If the above response increase, the strength gets weakened

If I am less impacted by the above situations, my strength will increase. I will be resilient and that is the mantra for successful life. (10 minutes)

End this Anupreksha with Mahapran Sound ( 2 minutes)