Anupreksha for mental balance (Mansic Santulan)

Mahapran Sound 2 minutes

Kayotsarga 5 minutes

Inhale green color:All around there is green color. Green color air is going inside with each breadth.(5 minutes)

Focus mind on Darshan kendra (point between two eyes and the two eye brows)

.All emotions are getting disciplined

.Mental balance in increasing

Do loud voice for 9 times follow up with 9 times of inside voice (6 minutes)


.Unhealthy mind makes the body unhealthy

.For healthy body good mental health is very important

.Unnatural ambitions, intolerance and unneedful suffocation creates mental imbalance

.Mental imbalance is a barrier in being in leading successful life

.To face a problem and having mental imbalance is not the same thing

.I will train my mind to be balanced in trivial situation

(10 minutes) End this anupreksha with Mahapran Sound.(2 minutes)