Anupreksha for Authenticity (Pramanikta)



Sit in a comfortable posture, Spine should be upright

1 Mahapran sound- 2 minutes

2 Kayotsarga- 5 minutes

3 Take inhalation in white color. Experience white color all around. The white color is going in the body with each breath 5 minutes

4 Take your mind in the center of the forehead (jyoti Kendra)

. My will power is getting developed. Authenticity is getting stronger.

Repeat in Loud voice 9 times and inside voice 9 times


Non-authenticity is an abnormal behavior, it is a bad habit.

Those who have behavioral immaturity do non-authentic actions.

I can win over urge to do non-authentic activity.

When I have such thoughts, I will practice to change the thoughts.

I will suggest to myself nothing can make me non-authentic.

I will always use my sensibility.

I will not act based on emotions

It is my strong decisions to develop authenticity. (10 minutes)

End this Anupreksha with Mahapran Sound ( 2 minutes)