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Pain in gums cannot bear-quick resolution

Pain in gums cannot bear-quick resolution

I have had pain in my gums since I have turned 40. I know this happens on the onset of gum disease, tooth decay or cavities. I have been doing oil pulling first thing in the morning. I use coconut oil or sun flower oil So hopefully things do not get worse further. But how to deal with the pain? This may happen when I am in office or may be 3 am at night when I have to suffer the excruciating pain. I know the diet plays a role. If I has pizza the night before which is mostly processed refined flour the pain may sure happen.

If I have had a big helping of ice cream it may happen. Because both sugar and processed food make a best haven for the bacteria to reside in between teeth and grow the cavities.

I have followed these routine cares

keeping the teeth clean between meals

brushing after having harmful foods

Diet change to natural foods

But what about the pain if it does happen and you cannot get to the dentist that time of the day or night.

Immediate help is a oral rinse with salt and water. Formula give relief in minutes if you put 1 Tbs(Tablespoon) water and 1tsp(teaspoon) salt in your mouth.

Do now swallow. Any kind of salt will work. Putting in the mouth for about 5-10 minutes and swish from time to time and discard.

Mouth feels little rough or salty but hang on the pain is gone completely. It gets better because any kind of adverse growth due to bacteria is halted.

Try it and you may be pain free especially dental related pain.

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Pranayam-the ultimate yog (activity)

Pranayam-the ultimate yog (activity) It is a great pleasure to share my experience with you about Pranayam. I am doing the same since last 6 years for 1 hour regularly. I do it in the morning with empty stomach. The five Pranayams I practice are as follows:

1. Anulom Vilom

2. Kapal Bhati

3. Bhastrika

4. Brahmri

5. Udgeet

Particularly I concentrate on 1 and 2 Pranayam.Anulom Vilom can happen smoothly without slightest effort.We achieve this by inhaling from left nostril while keeping the right nostril closed, new life is entering. Exhale from right nostril while left nostril is closed, experience the death. this process goes on for 15 to 20 minutes.Then Inhale from left nostril and exhale from right nostril to complete the final step. Repeat this process.So in this process We are experiencing life and death.The air is making full circuit through our system

Left nose signifies moon where as right nose is the sun.

I experience better brain function, better memory and negative thought do not come.

The next process is Kapal Bhati pranayam. We have to push forcefully air from our stomach pull inside, need not to inhale it will happen automatically. It is like touching all the internal organs, like kidney, lever, spleen, pancreas,colon etc.Then I experience as if new a new energy is born in my body, innumerable body cells lying idle and dormant are awaken. Once these cells are awaken they have the ability to fight any adversity such as diseases, negativity.

In this process our heart and lungs are also active and they remain so throughout the day.

I am controlling my diabetes through this process without any medications as because my pancreas are producing right amount of insulin. Insulin converts glucose into energy.

I have seen people getting cured of long term illnesses like diabetes, arthritis,damaged kidney,blood pressure,Aids,Cancer,Asthama, Thyroid, Hepatitis B etc.

I had addiction for Tobacco & Liquor before experiencing this process. But now I don not feel like doing addiction anymore. I feel I can face adverse situations better. I 47 year old now but I feel like 20 year old.

The rest three pranayams I do for five minutes each. Bhastrika is breathing in relaxed way. Brahmri is humming with ears close and Udgeet is Omkar(Omnad) with voice coming from throat and sound like OM

To conclude I should recommend Pranayam for every human to stay young, healthy,positive and refreshed all day long and through out life with regular practice.

Written by Kanak Kr. Bafna

Tibicos(Tibetan mushroom)


TIBICOS (Tibetan mushroom)

The Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, pre-occupied for the poor of the world, who cannot pay doctors, not to buy medicines because they are expensive, traveled to Tibet, the mountains of Himalaya where there is a famous monastery of the Buddhist monks. These monks possess outstanding knowledge of nature.

In communications with these wise and experienced men, they gave her TIBICOS, a mushroom of wide curative and preventive qualities. They told her the only condition in distributing it is not to be sold (as a commercial product but it must be given away for free). The monks explained the manner of preparing and its dosage.

• The mushrooms are fed with pure water and molasses. They reproduced and must be placed in containers made of glass. It is good to wash and prepare them in the morning.

• Fill the glass container (containing the TIBICOS) with 8 glasses of water and add 4 tablespoon of molasses (pure sugars) then LEAVE IT FOR 24 HOURS.

• Strain the water after 24 hours, using a PLASTIC STRAINER and not one made of metal. The water is then ready for drink. It is good to drink it before breakfast. But it can be taken many times during the day. It is not only curative but is also a refreshing drink.

• Care must be taken in straining the TIBICOS. They have to be rinsed well with running water after straining.

• After rinsing them, put them again in its container. Add room temprature water and 4 tablespoons of molasses (Panela, jaggery, brown sugar).

• Cover the container with clean thin cloth to allow oxygen for the continuous growth of the TIBICOS. They grow rapidly so they need to be placed in biggest container (or may be distributed in several containers, adding more water and molasses).



HEAD: It cures migraine and pains on the head.

ARTERIES: It combats rheumatism, arthritis and muscular pains.

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: It strengthens bronchial tubes and the lungs. It cures asthma, reduces phlegm and removes cough.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: It improves the function of the liver, pancreas, bile ducts. It cures diarrhea, it helps in the process of digestion and helps to avoid gastritis and ulcers.

CIRCULATORY AND ARTERIAL PRESSURE: Controls cholesterol, softens hardened arteries and veins, lower sugar levels, controls arterial blood pressure; corrects hemorrhoids.

RENAL SYSTEM: Prevents in the formation of gall stones and if they are present it dissolved it little by little. It cures different illness of the bladder, helps one to urinate regularly and well.

NERVOUS SYSTEM: It cures insomnia and dizziness. Removes pains produced by the nerves.

OBESITY: Burns fat. It keeps those who are thin in good health. For these, it is recommended that one should take 3 glasses of TIBICOS before breakfast.

AGING:It avoids pains associated with aging. It reduces the effect of hormonal changes.

OTHERS: Cures herpes, cataracts in the eyes, prevents some types of cancer in the skin

ALCOHOL: If taken regularly, it lessens the desire to get drunk

Contact Swami at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Note of Disclaimer:Please use the drink at your own Risk & Responsibility.

Technique of drinking water that promotes health

A Special Technique for Drinking Water that Promotes Health

First, the question to ask is: Why does the human body become sick? Per the laws of nature, there is no obvious reason for sickness in the human body. Other than human beings, there are no creatures on this planet that are prone to sickness.

Have we ever tried to understand why this is so? From my experience, which comes as the result of the work of naturopath, Dr .Bhagwan Arya of Patna in Bihar (India), it is because of our eating habit. We believe that our most important source of nourishment comes from food, which in reality, is more or less man-made and ignores nature.

The next question is: Do we ever think about what in nature is most essential for the human body, without which the body cannot survive? Most people have never given thought to that question. But if we were to think for a while, everyone’s first answer would be: “Air;” their second answer would be: “Water.”

Over and above air and water, there is a third thing that is also given to every human being by nature regardless of cast, creed, country, color, religion or any other category.

The third thing is both interesting and surprising—as soon as a baby is born there is mother’s milk! The milk of a mother is not ready before the birth of her baby and does not stop until after the baby’s need is over. It is the natural course of things.

Apart from these three gifts of nature, the things we eat and drink are harvested, processed, transported and not essential nutrition for the human body. Therefore, eating is a habit.

Now the question arises: Do we ever consider the importance of the two things – air and water – that meet the most essential needs of our body? No, we don’t. We only concern ourselves with food and drink. Air, which is the first and most important source of life, goes in and out in spite of anything that you or I do. It continues even when one is sleeping or in a conscious or unconscious state. Water is something we drink to quench our thirst, but rarely do we consider it as the main source of life.

Further, the circumstances we live in give importance primarily to food, which is the next thing required (after air and water) for our bodies, but only because we have made it a habit. The medical sciences provide detailed analyses of ingredients of all types of food and drink but give little care for air and water.

Unfortunately, even though the food we eat or drink may nourish our bodies (because of the habit we as humans have created), the food we consume “exploits" our bodies at the same time.

Our body is exploited in the sense that apart from the nourishment, any substance we eat or drink leaves its own germ, which is actually foreign to our bodies because the food or drink was not made by nature for the human body.

Now, nature has given our bodies the capacity to eliminate the foreign germs we take in by eating or drinking, i.e. urine, stool and sweating. But we eat or drink so much that our bodies cannot naturally eliminate all these foreign germs so they keep accumulating in the body. When we have an excess of germs, our bodies try to throw them out by causing some “dis-ease” such as a cough, cold, stomach upset etc.

However, through allopathic medical science, we have developed medicines which suppress these germs. For instance, cough syrup can suppress cough and cold symptoms while we continue eating and drinking, which results with the accumulation of more and more foreign germs. Then when more serious “disease” results, e.g. fever, we suppress that by using more allopathic medicine, which then results in more serious diseases.

50 years ago the. disease like Heart abnormalities, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and HIV aids started becoming very common, Obesity is also due to the habit of eating and drinking.

Yet, we keep on eating more and more because we believe that food gives us our required nourishment, but as is evident it is not so.

How did human beings start eating and drinking without regard for air and water – what nature made essential most for human body? If we go back thousands of years to the early time of human evolution, human beings lived in open spaces with hay shelters under trees. They breathed fresh air and got their water from natural flowing springs. As such, they were living happy and healthy lives.

Then human started moving around in search of something new. He saw something round and red hanging on a tree. He plucked this object off the tree and using his teeth to bite it, he ate it. Thus he experienced a taste on his tongue, but now he had a foreign germ inside his body. He moved around and saw another one hanging from a tree and he was reminded of the taste on his tongue. The germs inside started asking for that taste again, so he ate and in the course of time this object was named “apple.” In the same way, he saw something green and round, with many grouped together in bunch; these were named grapes. And so on and so forth.

Then human beings started eating fish from the river and then they gradually started cultivating crops. By using the mind, they started making some implements for cultivating such as trowels, shovels and plows. By extending this concept further, all agricultural crops are therefore products of the mind (with the help of nature) but only air and water are true Gifts of Nature.

In this way, humans started eating agricultural produce and other foods like meat, fish, chickens, eggs, etc. They then started producing more and more different types of food and drink as per their habit without caring for the air and water. Thus, they became more and more prone to disease.

Allopathic medical science has invented methods to cure or suppress diseases but has never cared to search for the root causes of human sickness.

The Indian naturopath, Dr. Bhagan Arya searched to find the root cause of human sickness. Through his findings, he invented the wonderful technique of Drinking Water to Stay Healthy, while also clearing the accumulated germs from the body resulting from the long-time human habit of eating and drinking.

It is surprising that before Dr. Arya no one cared to search for the root cause of human sickness. Plus there was no research about the wonderful service water can give the human body, i.e. cleansing the germs that accumulated because of the habit of eating and drinking without caring for air and water.

In recent years, Dr. Masuro Emoto of Japan has conducted research and written many wonderful books about water, plus he’s taken beautiful pictures of Water Crystals. In 2006, I was fortunate enough to attend one of his seminars in Bloomington, Minnesota. During a question and answer session, I had an opportunity to ask him whether he had researched the qualities of water, its effect on the human body, and the Drinking Water to Stay Healthy technique. He replied that he had no research on these issues.

In 1973, I learned this wonderful technique of Drinking Water from Dr.Bhagwan Arya from a remote village of Bihar in India and have been practicing it ever since. I have had wonderful effects on my health because of my experiences with the technique, which I wish to share with each and every human being so that they can be saved from unnecessary disease.

According to my experience, the pure blood required for the human body is possible by inhaling air and drinking water. The rest of whatever we eat or drink gives us some nourishment but at the same time it leaves behind its own foreign germs, which are therefore not the gift of nature. We eat and drink so much that we think whatever we eat or drink, apart from water, gives us the required nourishment for our bodies. But in fact it is not so. If we are determined to stay healthy throughout life, there is a way we can make our body fit for staying healthy – a minimum of food along with the help of air and water, which are the true Gifts of Nature for the human body.

The technique is?

Drink water with love.

Drink water sitting and calmly

Drink water 20 minutes before meals/snacks

Drink water when you feel hunger

You cannot go wrong with these simple rules. I have done it and so can you.

Call 952-893-0134 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Swami Anand Veetraag

Back to school

Back to school:

School starting can be very anxious time for some kids. Few pointers can help.

Preparation:It involves taking stock of what we have and getting ready with what we need. It also means going over a plan. Going over the plan is preparation. Some kids and parents get prepared talking about school.

Communication:Keeping the discussion about schools open with kids will help.Communicate about strategies to deal with any anxiety they may have.Talk about your experience in that grade. Also what were your strategies to deal with good and bad experience.

Make it fun:Can be made easy by bringing videos and book about school. Get back together with friends occasionally.Pick up interests and activity before hand and start the excitement of new school year. offers some products which will surely help with back to school anxiety.These pyramid products can make the school year smoother.

For academics:

Our pyracards and fortune cards are the most favorite category.

Foreign and Higher studies: This card is best for the travel and out of town kids. It will bring success, safe travels and over all protection. It comes with a crystal power, power of 9 pyramids, gold disc and finally customized with your birthdate.It also comes with new stickers to apply on missing numbers, a space for signature and your colored picture.

Study seat: This can be put on the study chair or car seat(for junior driver). It brings protection and better sensibility for students.It comes with a pyramid yantra, unique pyramid chips and comfortable cushion to support your posture

Education pyramid:

This three tier pyramid is made with unique concept. It comes with space for photo,name and customization.

For luck and Energy:

Most kids will need some boost and these fortune cards can provide the same.

Luck and Fortune:

.This brings luck and fortune. It comes with a crystal power, power of 9 pyramids, gold disc and finally customized with your birthdate.It also comes with new stickers to apply on missing numbers, a space for signature and your colored picture.

Energy &Vitality-It comes with a crystal power, power of 9 pyramids, gold disc and finally customized with your birthdate.It also comes with new stickers to apply on missing numbers, a space for signature and your colored picture.

For Strength and Positivity:

The next two fortune cards will bring instant boost and positive attitude.

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For Protection

Protection & Safeguard

-It comes with a crystal power, power of 9 pyramids, gold disc and finally customized with your birthdate.It also comes with new stickers to apply on missing numbers, a space for signature and your colored picture.

Kids can also try Memory & Concentration fortune card for improving brain function and Relax 9X9to have better sleep.

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Amazing Tibetan Rites

The amazing Tibetan Rites:

The tibetan rites are life changing exercise if practiced regularly. These are five set of exercise described as follows:


Keeping feet comfortably apart, start with hand stretched to each side like a fan, turn clock wise and complete the full circle at the starting spot. Repeat 21 times.Speed of rotation is as fast as one can go comfortably keeping the balance.


Breathing is normal eyes are softly closed end with both hands folded in a namaskar on to forehead and eyes open softly

2.Leg lift flat on back:

Lie flat on your back. Hands to the side close to the body. This involves two step. first is to bring the two legs together straight up in a 90 degree angle and second is to raise the face to bring the chin to the base of the throat. End it with release and lie on back. Repeat 15- 21 times.

Leg lift:Additional

Breathe in while bringing the legs up and breathe out when legs go to the ground>When inhaling also constrict the pelvic muscles and release the muscles when exhale.

3.Camel pose:

This is a variation then traditional camel pose in yoga.Start with sitting on knees, palms on buttocks. Chin is touching the base of the throat.With a inhale take the head back as far as you can go.When inhaling also constrict the pelvic muscles and release the muscles when exhale. This is also like squeeze in the buttock like Mula Bhandh> Release and come to start. Repeat 15-21 times.

Camel Pose: Additional

Breath in when taking the head back and breathe out when bring the chin to base of the throat.Keeping eyes closed also helps to maintain the inner balance.


Sit with feet straight on the floor and hands to the side. Keep feet about 1 feet apart.Start with chin touching the base of the throat bring the body up and support with the two palms.head should be back as far as you can go. Make a bridge with two hands and two legs forming a pillar of the bridge. Feel the squeeze in the buttock like mula bhandh. Release and come back to original position. Repeat 15-21 times


Breathe in when making a bridge and breathe out when coming in a release position

Half Plank:

This is different then traditional yoga plank. Make a downward dog, Bring the mid body down, chin up, support with both palms. Feel the squeeze in the buttock like a mula bandh. Come back into down ward dog. Make sure chin is touching the base of the throat when release. Also release the squeeze in the buttock. Repeat 15-21 times

Half plank: additional

Breathe out when going downward dog, breathe in when going to plank


These are the five poses and following benefits can be achieved

Stress reduction

Energy boosting

Chakra balance

In practitioner's words: With tibetan rites the normal routine can be maintained very effectively. Some of the stressor are as follows:

anger: towards kids spouse etc can be managed such that anger does not come into play. If anger is there it is superficial.

energy remains very appropriate one can experience "yogi sleep" which is very active sleeping technique. Less hours of sleep are okay and do not cause fatigue.

due to balancing of chakras, one can achieve inner balance.This helps in managing back, shoulder or any other pains.

Best time to practice yoga or tibetan rites is afternoon or early morning.

Being regular in the practice helps to built a inner craving such that you follow the routine daily.

PYRAMID-Pyramid Energy & Placement

PYRAMID-Pyramid Energy & Placement

Pyramids are extremely powerful and should be used with respect. This shape of PYRAMID, properly, aligned and attuned with, emits a feeling of total equilibrium and balance, transcendence

Pyramids work as an antenna to bring in cosmic energy. This complex energy is a combination of electro-magnetic cosmic waves in the universe,. The Pyramid absorbs these waves and generates them. Alignment with Earth orbital effects LIFE in the grand play of the universe.

Pyramids enhance energy flow, Revitalize places governed by dullness, negativity, a lack of vitality, chaos, etc,....

An ancient design of times that were sacred, simple, one-pointed, persevering, touching-the -divine, transcending time, creative, consciously-designed, attuned magnetically, seen in the pyramid.

Sensory energies are activated into multi-dimensional awareness. This sacred design transcends the boundaries of time, mind, and space. Pyramids are seen on other planets.

Attune to pyramid energy to fully experience it's effects and presence.

Pyramids benefit the energy flow of space around them . The shape of the Pyramid is connected with five elements. The human bodies as well as the universe is composed of the five elements EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & ETHER. The four sides of the Pyramids & the Apex (top) resemble these five elements.

A man-made, models of various sacred designs, have been created by Dr. Jiten Bhatt of India. The many designs of various models are created with pure thought and intention. They are designed & created in precision and exact in proportional measurements with the Pyramid of Giza.

Pyramid Inside the homes

Before one can energize their house with pyramids, they should: have a deeper understanding of the sacred creation of their optimal intention. Orient the house with ancient principles of pyramid energy, feng-shui, and Vaastu to attain the desired results. Nature gives guidelines for alignment through electro-magnetic, directional, attitudinal, seasonal, causal, karmic, & other rhymes and effects.

Placing pyramid/s in the:

-center of a property, house, room, magnifies spiritual energy, centeredness, vibration, attunement - North, East, South, and/or West direction: the four corners of a house helps deflect negative energy increasing positive energy flow & vibration.

- hand--above, below, around.............. a relationship to something divine is felt. See: HOW IT ACCESS COSMIC ENERGIES—PYRAHEALTH PYRAMID ARTICLES. Homeowners should learn their about one's personal particular evaluation of their space. A pyramid, feng-shui, & vaastu analysis is most bring optimal, energetic frequencies.............. FREE

Magic Square Analysis & House Evaluation Form

PS. In addition or "standing in its own value of sacred worth," is the PYRACARD A Magic Square personal analysis is given with a positive life-design golden-grid pyramid to help counteract any negative effects & accentuate positive-design energies to one's life, is suggested...........

Jeannette Zara Christine

Nadabrahma can fix Thyroid problems

Nadabrahma can fix Thyroid problems

Nadabrahma is a humming sound originating in throat. It is derived from Tibet style meditation. This humming is done for 15-30 minutes early morning or evening. It is always followed by 15 minute relaxation.

This meditation is originally taught by Osho First stage has drums and goes for 30 minutes. Second stage is music 7 minutes of sharing. Third stage is music 7 minutes and receiving. Last and final stage is relaxation, meditation for 15 minutes in complete silence. You can end this meditation with Aum shanti, shanti, shanti hi.....

Doing this meditation has had unique and life changing experience for me. In 2006 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This was after my second pregnancy when the regular blood test showed up with high lipids and further testing revealed abnormal levels of T3 T4 and Thyroid stimulating hormones. Symptoms were mostly slow digestion,fatigue and over weight. I chanced upon Nadabrahma through Swami Anand Veetrag and started doing 2-3 times a week.

Subsequent doctor visit has shown no abnormal thyroid and regular testing lipids and thyroid profile has been normal.

Nadabrahma has other known benefits in the area of TMJ, scoliosis, swollen glands, laryngitis, cough and cold, sore throat, addiction, criticism, a persistent cold or flu that take a long time to heal, tonsillitis, acute infections, vocal and communication difficulties, and under active thyroid. It also affects the sternum, throat, and endocrines.

Doing Nadabrahma at your own pace one can realize the healing benefits.

Additional Insights: Doing this technique for three times a week has been very beneficial. Some times we have found we do not have 60 minutes set aside for complete meditation. Do the humming during alone time like driving, also if humming loud is not an option do humming with inside voice. This is very helpful in keeping thyroid active and healthy if we keep humming to 3-4 times a week

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