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Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page Page 81 Unique concept of folding the currency in a pyramid shape and keeping it in the wallet. This attracts money and wealth. In the unique south east asian culture people give currency notes as gifts to young and family when they meet or depart on a journey. If you utilize this neat concept of folding the currency you can not only wish them a whole lot of luck but also bless them with fortune. Try it with the description in this book.

Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 151

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My Vaastu experience

My Vaastu experience

The first time I came to know about Vaastu, there were only questions. If you read on you may require diagnostic tools to correctly figure the location and facing. Pendulum and Compass are these tools which come very handy.

How could this ancient science, more than 5000 years old bring a vital change in modern homes?

We do not want to physically change the layout, then how will Vaastu work?

How quickly will I see the results?

Are there any guarantees that Vaastu works?

Is Vaastu similar to Chinese techniques of Fengshui?

How does Vaastu impact different part of our home?

Let us look deeper into these vital questions.

In our experience with Vaastu, users have reported impacts on their life by using various techniques of Vaastu. A bedroom for the property owner located in SouthWest corner of the property will bring relaxation and peace for the owner. If the same bedroom is used by people other than the owner (kids, inlaws or visiting guest ) the situation in the house becomes out of hand namely, conflicts, control issues, hurt feelings, financial constraints to name a few. So adhering to the basic principle of South West bedroom for the owner is very auspicious for the owner. In case one does not have a Southwest bedroom, it may be cut off or is not there, use the Shift max to bring current bedroom to the South west location virtually. Special direction: Place the shift Max on the South West corner of the current bedroom and point the arrows fixed at the base of shift max to point towards South west of the property. The effect is the bedroom shifts to Southwest of the property virtually. For more detail discussion Contact Swami

the kitchen is in the South East corner of the property it fares very well for the occupants. In any other area the kitchen can lead to health problems, weakness, accidents and general feeling of unrest. In case Kitchen is not built in the South East corner bring the current kitchen to South East by putting shift max on the south east corner of the current kitchen and arrow on the base fixed such as they point to South East sector of the property. The effect is the Kitchen virtually shifts to South East of the property.

Bathrooms are good for South East or North west corner. If you have bathrooms located in Northeast or South West they can be a major health concern, even death may result. Bathrooms can be virtually corrected by installing Natron on inside wall of the bathroom along with a pyraband on the outside of the bathroom door. Attached bathroom gets a positive charge with pyraband placement The effect is it removes the negativity of the bathrooms. In general all bathrooms will benefit by putting a Natron. Bathrooms in commercial building will also have good impact on productivity.

Ideal main entrance have been on the North facing wall, east facing wall or center of North, South, East or West wall. In can the entrance is at an angle or is in one corner of the property it needs a fix. Bring in a protect inside pyramid for door and place on the inside of the main door. The effect is it starts attracting positive chi.

Overall the house has to be having a perfect symmetry, a balance, a uniform shape, correct angle, and harmony. If this is not achieved in your current house bring in a virtual correction by placing on ceiling of the center of the property a Max Pyramid for under 1000 square feet, Flat Max Pyramid under 2000 square feet, Super max under 3000 square feet, or promax under 5000 square feet. The effect is to correct the whole property and bring, harmony, balance, uniformity, and symmetry. Special instruction. All pyramids need to be hung with a brass screw. In case of larger property, pyramids can be placed in a batch of 3. So for 15000 square feet place 3 promax in a straight row in the center.

Vaastu is similar to Chinese art of fengshui with one major difference, while fengshui deals with elements, Vaastu deals in physical structures. The play of elements and chi are same in both. Vaastu has specific areas for element like, fire in South East, water in North East, Air in North West, and Earth in South West. If these elements exist physically Vaastu is in balance. Fengshui on the other hand brings balance by integrating the 5 elements (earth, water, metal , Fire and wood). Fengshui has flexible application as it can bring changes by bringing in the element. Vaastu on the other hand cannot be changed because the structures are not easy to move. Sometime moving heavy furniture ideally to South West area or creating a door according to Vaastu In East helps in bringing relief to a room, house, building , and office. In Fengshui removing a violent picture and adding plants bring the same effect in the flow of energy. Pyramids are neutral as they work on stagnant chi and bringing relief for Vaastu and Fengshui alike. Pyron for Fengshui and Pyron for Vaastu are indispensible tools.

Guarantees in Vaastu are hard to count, but every little step helps in creating a better life. Bringing a small compass and checking the directions meanwhile integrating the changes according to the rules will bring results like better mental stability for students at home, better health for inhabitants, well deserved flow of friendly people etc. How do we know for sure that these results are not due to your effort? Some of the classic noted examples are marital bliss(through harmony pyramid or Love and Marriage Pyracard) settlement in family feud (through Promax on property), relief in law suit (Harmony Pyramid)and legal and courtcase Pyracard, relief in haunted house(Flat Max Pyramid), relief in terminal illness Reiki Pyramid, over all applying changes in Vaastu. A mixture of crystals therapy, Sri yantra, Color therapy and Pyramid only increases the benefits. Our Pyramids are made keeping the holistic benefits of all the goodness of ancient science.

Some people have reported results at the time of purchase of pyramids, some others may have worked in the results over 3 months period and still feel they can get more out of the Pyramid they purchased. More belief you have better are the results manifested. Also the purity and the passion in the thought is undeniably the best way to use Pyramids whether using to fulfill wish or for meditation. The time it takes for success may vary depending on individual situation.

One of the best things that happened in Vaastu and Pyramid science is the use of Pyramids to correct Vaastu without changing the actual physical wall or room. Vaastu being a very definite science, does not recommend any remedy without breaking or removing structures. Now with the Pyramids it is possible to balance Vaastu without putting a single labor hour or trip to home store. Your bedroom in any other part of the house may bring, sleepless nights, money troubles, conflicts with children, control issues, but now these symptoms can subside with virtually shifting the bedroom to South West with a ShiftMax Pyramid . Try and see the results!

So what that Pyramids are 5000 years old, They are a miracle, the only one standing after 1000 of years, weathering environment and time. They have a story to tell. The shape is unique to conserve the energy to bring positivity. To nurture and harness energy which no single method, instrument, or civilization have done so far. Preservation of Mummies and the timelessness of the structure make a single most argument that the Pyramid should be brought in our lives and house to reap the reward and achieve health and prosperity.

Slopes in Vaastu Science.

Slopes in Vaastu Science.

There has been evidence in Vaastu, very structured science, that the slope on a lot matters and they can influence the flow of energy. By slope we mean that that portion of land is flowing or lower that the rest of the property. Slope in Southwest side brings loss of savings and financial loss. The slope in South side of a establishment will lead to draining of capital and resources. Slope on the west side will lead to fueds, depression and loss of resources. It is the flow of energy in general which decideds What the slope will bring for the inhabitant of the property. One cannot say highly about the benefits of slopes in North, East and NorthEast, As long as this portion of the lot is lower that all the other corners, portion ,quadrant of the property. NorthEast, North and East slopes bring abundance, well being, health and property.

Purchase of property

While the flawed slope property are very attractive and price right one should be mindful in getting into and investing in such property. Property which have correct slope lower towards North, East, NorthEast will generally be more expensive. One have to bid over the market also one has make a quick and expensive decision to buy any Vaastu correct property. Sale of Property

The property with flawed slope takes longer to sell. They some time also need physical fix. It is advisable to try to sell such property quickly. Finally these property slopes can be fixed with Pyramids. This protects the Brahmastahla and activates the lot for positive energy. Great to apply in center of unfinished or new lot. Principle of burying pyramids

. Pyramids reverses the course of chi, energy, to make the effect positive. Multier Pyramid-buried in the center or along the negative slope length in a straight line. In center it can be in a group of 9. click here Max Pyramid-buried in the center or along the negative slope length in a straight line. In center it can be in a group of 3 or 9. click here How to apply

Digging into the ground generally requires clear area. Tall trees, rock, telephone, electric and, and utility has to be avoided. You can dig few feet away from a large rock and tree. Also get permission from power company in very busy utility area. For more number of pyramids a professional may be helpful. Manual digging is good as it can achieve precise location and the removed dirt can be put back the same time without disturbing the landscape.

Detail consultation

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Teeth troubles

August 15 2016

My teeth has been in great shape except for my daughter complaining that I should get it clean professionally due to yellowing. My promise to her is I will fix that by doing coconut oil pulling. I plan to do coconut oil pulling. I know oil pulling , as last 6 years I have used sesame ( indian store) or sunflower oil(trader joes) very good for gum and teeth. Teeth troubles started from March this year. February had been a crazy start as the cold from few weeks old was not getting fixed. I had tried jal neti that give relief steaming helped. But were strange few weeks. Never I have felt so sick. My family was talking about how nice it would be get cosmetic teeth work done to close gap to fix spacing. I looked up online the company I found to give clear trays to fix the gaps. Excited, I sent them my teeth impression. After 3 failed evaluation they told me that they are not able to assess for tray size and I need to check with a orthodontist. The one I saw nearby declared that cosmetic dentistry cannot be done until I get me teeth fixed for periodontal disease. I looked for a second opinion, advice was I get root planning done for 4 quarters 2 upper and 2 lower sets) and also needed to have two wisdom teeth pulled. But the teeth were in great shape as they had no cavities. Finally I should check in for cleaning. Earlier orthodontist was also adamant that I anyway needed tooth pulled out due to grave condition of my gums. I came out convincing him that I will try alternative first. They insisted that it was so bad that I may have to go to emergency the way teeth were going.

For last 4 months I have been doing oil pulling. Of them the two months my teeth were really sensitive to cold and sour. I still did not go to the dentist. 2 months ago. I got toothache, that I could not eat anything just some soft food. It was bad in the same spot where the doctor had suspected the tooth needing extraction. I was in pain,but more than pain the swelling got worse. I read online that the extraction take to heal time is about a week. My choice was not to do anything, as what was happening will also last a week according to online sources. The swelling almost the size of a bee sting subsided in a week. The ache at the floor of the jaw receded. My daughter promised me that she will get he wisdom teeth pulled as soon as the doctor advice. According to her I am going through useless pain. I told her that if I get the teeth pulled still my pain and misery will last a week. If I stay put it will go away in a week.

Orthodontist, dentist make a great cosmetic change but they do not have all the answers for teeth trouble. Easier solution is to brush you teeth and massage gums with forefinger after every brushing. You will see the gums will be happy and healthy. Diet for sure makes a difference. Finally I am happy with my teeth, no pain, no swelling, no sensitivity except the annoying gap....

Meditation for new and advance practitioners

Whether you are new to meditation or an advance practitioner, pyramid tools for meditation from Dr. Jiten Bhatt will help you get into meditative state fast. Also available are list of OSho meditation. Try out from the various kind available below: 1ST PYRAMID (FIRST PYRAMID) PYRACAP PYRAMID CAP NADABRAHMA-OSHO MEDITATION (MUSIC CD) OSHO - DYNAMIC MEDITATION (MUSIC CD) STUDY CAP PEACE AND MEDITATION SEAT MEDITATION SEAT PYRAMID Good Luck with trying these products!

Pyrarhythm- good timeguide

Good time calender or guide is based on ancient vedic calculation on 8 sements of day and 8 segments of night. Also look for brahma Muhurth on the same topic Use this pyrarhythm for good time,white spaces are good time always start work in good time.

So if you need to start from home for a meeting start at the white space time

alt Also look for "dugadiya" or "chogadiya" Ace Auspicious" in google play or iTunes for more detailed good time calender. Also called Dugaria or Chogaria can be researched in the book below

Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 85


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