Find your purpose from the nine ways and fix one or more MAX in the appropriate side or corner. These directions can be for your room, flat, house, office, or store. Eg. If you want to fix in north-east, you can fix a MAX in the NE of your house, bedroom, store or any property. It can be used in multiples of 3, 9, or 81 as per the area of the property. To maximize the result, wish while you fix and repeat daily in the morning. Fixing instructions and other information provided with the product.


1) Maximize Wealth & Career

Find out the North direction with a magnetic compass of tour store, office or room. Now fix a MAX on the ceiling in North side.

2) Maximize Knowledge & Performance

This is also related to work and study efficiency and must for people working with mind. Fix a MAX in the North-East corner of your office, study room, house or your factory.

3) Maximize Peace & Happiness

One MAX in the East side of every house is must for all round happiness and peace in the family.

4) Maximize Health & Vitality

Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt highly recommends Max in South-East corner of your kitchen or house. Great for restaurants, clinic, hospital rooms and other health related business.

5) Maximize Safety & Protection

South is the side for safety and protection from all evil-eyes. Fix a MAX in South side of your store, bank, safe-deposits or house.

6) Maximize Income & Stability

If you feel you are always short of money, fix a MAX in the South-West corner. This will protect your money. Stability is also important at your job, family and business.

7) Maximize Fame & Fortune

To attract more fame amd fortune in your life fix MAX in the West side.

8) Maximize Business & Activity

Must for every factory, office and shop. Fix a MAX in North-West for improving activity and business.

9) Maximize Prosperity & Wellness

Here comes the ultimate solution to all vastu defects. Fix MAX in the center of your house and improve prosperity and get total wellness.

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