This is a very important Vaastu topic. It is also easy to follow if one know the theme of the cardinal direction.Each and every direction have some themes and using pyramid or vastu themes will help in overall success. They are as follows:

East if for- Love, Peace, harmony, spirituality, happiness, name and fame

West is for- health freedom from disease, physical fitness and relationship

North is for money, material, land, building, possession, treasure, jewelery, promotion,business, luxury

South is for protection from enemy,defense and safeguard from evil effects.

Programming-For example if using wish pyramid find out what theme your wish applies to and face that direction when programming a wish pyramid

Virtual gateways-Also helps in opening virtual gateways using pyramids and themes that will follow

Gate ways can be build by either burying the pyramid in the ground outside, or fixing them on the wall inside in formations which is like a door. The gateway has to go in that direction to work on a certain theme. For promoting business gateway has to be in North.