The Car Pyramid is designed for safety and harmony of our vehicles and ourselves.

This applies the Pyramid Yantra power generation formula 9×9 to fit 91 interactive chambers inside, which creates positive energy, and helps you to make clear decisions in crucial moments and balance your mind through better neurobody control.

The Car Pyramid’s Spiritual Safe Guard empowers your vehicle with positive energy shield for accident safety. The positive energy of Protect helps to make your neuro-body control better. Pyramid power helps you to balance your mind and make clear decisions at crucial moments. It protects you from evil energy of place, time and environment. Your awareness level is improved along with concentration and reflex action.

It is easy to use. Fasten it to the dashboard of your car with the adhesive tape which is provided. Your personal program acts better due to Pyramid Yantra and Gold pyramid chip in the center. For optimum results: close your eyes, repeat your wish before starting your vehicle.

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