Sharir (body) Preksha Meditation: In this we have to see the body not with open eyes but with mind, eyes are closed.Mind goes to each and every organ and experience the changes,vibrations,emotions like a viewer.The feel of cloth sweat, itching, pain what ever you experience just see with the eye.Explain this during the training for beginners.

Lower body

Focus the mind on the right feet toe. Mind is traveling through all parts. Experience the vibrations. Only know and experience. Just know without any like or dislike. Same ways in toes bottom feet,heel, ankle, knee, thigh, abdomen…In every part preksha for 30 to 60 seconds.See the vibrations.. Bring the focus in third or fourth body part.

The same way left feet….(name the part of the body and preksha upto 60 seconds…This completes the lower part of the body.

Middle body

Now to the middle part of the body. In the abdomen travel, left, right, front and back, inside and outside. In every part establish the mind and feel any vibrations, only watch (30-60 seconds).Now travel the stomach and adjoining areas (60 seconds-120 seconds). Now inside the stomach, both kidneys, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas, deodinum,liver, upto diaphragm every part stop and watch(20-30 seconds).

Now go to chest area and adjoining, travel left, right, inside,outside,front, back. Now preksha in each of the parts. Feel the vital force and vibrations, heat….right muscles,…left muscles, right lungs,left lungs, back…spine, spinal cord,head of the spinal cord.

Now preksha on both hands, thumb,finger, palm…wrist…to elbow, elbow to shoulders…same way from left thumb to left hand should preksha each every part.

Throat…voice box…neck…in every part mind is travelling. We come to the end of middle part preksha.

Upper body

Now the upper part of the body chin…lips…mouth….jaws…teeth…tongue,Rt cheek, left cheek,, nose, right eye,..left eye..,right ear lobe…,right ear,left ear lobe, left ear, forehead, head. Travel every part.

Now travel the whole body. If you are standing do in this pose. Mind has this capacity that it can focus in one place and it can be in all the place.Take the mind to both the big toes of the feet. Now let mind take the shape of the body and travel from head to toe.

Also attach breathing with this preksha. Touch ever cell of the body,every atom of the body is vibrating with consciousness and life force. Feel the electricity of this life force in whole body.Touch of cloth, sweat, itching,pulsating, pain, what ever you see feel it. Now do the travel in slow speed. Where you feel discomfort or blocking, stop for a few moments and just know and be…(3 minutes)