Could I use the Reiki antahkarana grid pyramid for marriage, business and prosperity too? Or do I have to purchase the marriage wish pyramid? How much are the pyramids?

Answer: to Christine

Yes you can use the antahkarana for marriage and business and prosperity. Reiki takes care of overall well being and what you are doing is performing financial well being and prosperity. Keep in mind you can work on one individual with one pyramid so not to minimize the effectiveness.If you are seeking help for more then one person buy more pyramids based on their priority. Also Put one priority in one time for eg. for marriage write your wish on a paper with a red pen and put inside the reiki box. Give it time to work. Also find the links for other instruments below. Wish you the best of all…. Reiki Master Reiki advance Reiki Smart Fire Reiki Card set Pyracard Marriage and Love Marriage Pyramid