Best Location in an ideal factory!

The Northeast corner should not be blocked with construction or heavy objects. It should be left open. There should not be any stagnant dirty water near the gate of the factory. It should also not be in the South or West side of the factory.

Worker’s quarters should be in the Northwest direction. The heavy machinery should be located in the Southwest direction. Boiler should be in the Southeast direction.

Northeast corner of the building is governed by water. If this corner is lower than the whole building the water will flow to the corner. Keeping this corner high or having it cut means suffering for the occupants as per Vaastu. No weight of any kind should be kept this corner and it should not have anything in this corner except pleasant photos.

Northwest corner is ruled by air. If this corner is cut it means the air does not flow into the house. This corner should also not be higher and should not be blocked with heavy things.

Southwest corner is the corner ruled by our ancestors who have already gone from this world. Cutting of this corner means honoring them and not giving them a place to live. They create all sorts of problems for the family whose house, building or factory is cut in the Southwest direction.

Southeast corner is ruled by fire. This portion of the building can have anything which is not to be cut. A cut in this corner also creates lots of problems for the family.

The walls in the Southwest direction should be thicker and higher.

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