Ideal set up for Pyra-Reiki clinic. Master giving treatment to 250 people worldwide at a time. alt Expand your healing boundaries:The 24×7 auto healing system that transmits continuously and circulates healing energy to your patients around the globe though their reiki Pyramids. alt

Reiki is the ancient form of healing known to mankind. Reiki healing can be very powerful tool for healer and those suffering. Channeling the energy the healer goes deep,the works become a play. Reiki energy is growing itself. The healing is faster due to healers intent and channeled energy. This energy is well understood by Reiki master. They use tools like crystal,herbs, cloth, oil. In our healing method called pyra Reiki. Healer can use different tool. Some of these tools also form a good tool if healer is away the still work from a distant called distant reiki

Some of the tools used by the practitioner are,

Energize your healing space with Reiki Smart Fire Use the power of crystal, pyramids and fire

Enhance the energy of your healing room. Reiki Disc Ideal for pranic healing.

Fundamental tool to start 3D reiki.Reiki Pyramid Reiki Pyramid is one tool which can draw from the universe perpetual energy.

Most Powerful Reiki Pyramid in the world Reiki Pyramid – Master “Master tool is powered by 10 layer energy concept”

This second generation tool to accelerate results Reiki Pyramid advanceThis energy carries the power of crystal and pyramids combined together

First step to personal wellbeing Reiki card set heal the healer bring physical, mental,emotional and spiritual wellbeing.