farm and agriculture Pyramids have been used to charge seeds, pyramids can be used to benefit farm and agriculture based businesses.

Main pyramids to be used are Max pyramids in multiples of 3,9, 27. Ocassionally Promax pyramid can be used for larger farms and ranch for center activation.

Fishery– May have indoor pipes or outdoor ponds can have Max pyramid molded in the cement slab in multiples of 3 lowered in the pond for each of the 4 corners. This will be a total of 12 max and it will power the whole fish pond for better quality and quantity of fish.

Hatchery– If Indoors the best will be to activate the center of the building with Promax pyramid on the ceiling in row of 3. Total project will need 3 Promax and will cover upto 15000 square feet of area.

Greenhouse– Usually are regular shaped and use 3 Promax for center activation. If the site has retail location it can use business disc for the customer counter and swastik pyramid for cash drawer. This helps in increase flow of traffic and better revenue. Green houses will benefit and will have better growth with plants and sprouts growing under the following pyramids

Max pyramid for 1000 sq feet

Supermax pyramid for 2000 sq feet

Flatmax pyramid for 5000 sq feet

Promax pyramid for more than 5000 sq feet

The Pyramid can hang from the ceiling or be laid under the beds of pots for maximum result and potency. Smaller pyramid likeAdvance Pyramid can be used in a multiple of 3. Put it in the center of the property or in the 4 corners.

Herbs and Flower They can grow better by center activation with 3 promax in the center and also 3 max pyramid in each corner. This will cover upto 15,000 square feet area. For larger area and better potency herbs use 9 max in each corner. The total max required for large projects will be 32 and total Promax can still be 3 for upto 15,000 square feet.

Poultry Benefits of using pyramids are immense when they are charged with pyramid these farm produce are better quality and disease free. To charge the center use 3 promax and for the corners use 3max pyramid each corner. This brings soothing character to the animals raised under the pyramid energy.

Horse Ranch If raising horses the whole ranch can be charged with pyramid energy. Most ranch will have trails and will be large putting 9 promax in the center of the property will cover 1.38 acres. Putting 9max pyramid in each corner further will charge the ranch and all the horses and will bring benefits of pyramid power to all inhabitants.

Dairy Farms If dairy farm is 5000 square feet or upto 500 head of cows putting 3 promax in the center of the barn will help in milk production. Further more promax can be increased to 9 if 15000 square feet or upto 1500 heads. For increased milk production charging the corners with 9 max in each corner will greatly increase quality and quantity of milk.

Bee Farm Bees population are in increasing danger of depletion and require a lot of work for Bee farm owners to be profitable. This farm will greatly benefit and will produce quality product if the center is activated with 3 Promax and then 9max pyramid are added in each corner. This will charge upto 15000 square feet property. For smaller bee farm of upto 5000 square feet 1 promax and 3max pyramid in each corner will also give unbelieveable pyramid power

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