Pyrapendulum-a diagnostic tool for dowsing

Dowsing has been around for a long time but the method to do dowsing has evolved over time. Pendants, crystals, stones and gems make a great dowsing tool. Our pyrapendulum is made of 5 layers pf pyramid and is very accurate.

Selecting medicine- Dowsing can be effective, I saw a healer/ homeopathic doctor select a medicine for an infant who cannot explain problem symptoms. In medicine when symptoms overlap and points to more than one remedies here is how a pyrapendulum can help.

Put one vial in the fist and dowsing on the fist. Then try the same with other vials. One which shows the most energy that is the one to select as remedy. Pendant movement could be very fast rotation, bigger circles or sideways . Select that which points to most energy when compared to something else.

In pyramid we can use pyra pendulum to select actual center vs pyramid center activation to place a center pyramid. While laying underground pyramids in the landscape, it can help to see which area is the best.

Problem solving and pyra pendulum-If you have an array of solution make a decision tree on paper writing all the solution. Take the pyra pendulum on each possible solution and the most energy will be the most strategic solution.This technique is also useful for product selection which you do not have physically present. This can also help in selecting services. It can help in selecting the best pyracard for you in same way.

Pyra pendulum