Premium Pyramids

Premium pyramids are made with special care and function to achieve enhanced pyramid energy.Lot of these pyramids have exclusive gold plating.Some of them have crystals which can achieve energy change and storage in no time.


3 times more powerful with pure 24 karat gold plating. After grand success of ProMax Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt has invented a 3 times more powerful Pyramid Yantra – . Must for- *Commercial Property activation *Project idea/Map activation * Process activation * Procurement activation * Land & Building activation * Finance activation * Marketing activation * Residential / Industrial property activation * Investment property activation * Farm or Spiritual property activation.

Gold Trishul

Pyramid Yantra for Protection,powered with 23 gold pyramids.This trident or trishul is ultimate protections. This can go on wall, or entrance

Gold Aum

Brings all-round abundance, prosperity and wellness. Creates purifying, divine and positive energy at the entrance, in rooms, on walls and objects. Power of in-built 31 Gold Pyramids with extra energy for fast success. Boosting energy of 729 pyramid plates. Bottom is activated with 8 copper discs and 1 Gold energy radiator disc.