Body is still and relaxed and tension free. Spinal cord and neck are upright. No contraction in the body. Relax the muscles, Relax the whole body

For 5 minutes practice Kayagupti-The body is still like a statue. No movement or walking.  For 5 minutes it is total stillness.

Kayotsarga has two meanings: relaxation of the body and increase consciousness toward self. Focus mind on the feet.  Also take it to head and take mind to each part of the body. Focus on each part.

Give auto suggestion for relaxation and experience it. Every muscle and every cell is relaxed. Relax the whole body, deep concentration and full consciousness, Kayotsarga……….

(In the beginning, practice with focusing mind on every part: right toe, feet, ankle, shins, knee, thigh and to the abdomen.

Focus mind to the parts of liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach. While you are suggesting getting relaxed………getting relaxed…..getting relaxed (3 minutes)

2 minutes later, experience every part of the body is getting relaxed. Every part of the body is getting light. From head to toe, every part is getting light.

Keep kayotsarga pose during this meditation. Practice stillness and relaxation of the body.

For 5 minutes experience Maun kayotsarga of the neck. Focus mind on the voice box and become experience in relaxation of the voice box.