1) West Facing If you leave more space in the East and North in a West facing house do not leave any open space in the West. The main door should be exactly in the middle of the West direction. Tilt towards South or North is not good.

2) In a south facing house the door(if it could be avoided) should be exactly in the middle of the lot. No veranda or balcony should be on this side. Even in this house more space should be left on the Eastern and Northern side.

3)North facing If your house is North facing place the door in the North or Northeast. You can erect a veranda or a balcony on these sides. Three doors exactly facing each other should not be placed in a North facing house. Rather two or three doors in a straight line and aligning with each other should be avoided in almost all the houses.

4)East facing East facing is the most favorable entrance for any property.