With focus on making wish come true, this kit comes with original wish pyramid. The wish pyramid has a dome under the pyramid. Any paper which is 70mmX70mm size can be used to right the wish. Now right the wish in red pen and fold the paper and set it under the dome and clasp the dome. Finally place the pyramid top. Wish can be made with clear time line and outcome. Making one wish at a time is more effective.

Luck and fortune fortune card comes with stickers which can be installed on the missing number square. To find your missing number go to how to calculate missing number

Also sigh the card with a red pen and put the picture in the picture box. Programming fortune card is easy. Once ready place the card face up on the left palm now gently put the right palm on top. In your mind go over the wish. Job is done.

Fortune chip goes on the farther left corner of the work table. It can be used on an important file or the project plan. The fortune chip helps in the successful completion of a plan, project and day to day work. With a wish it will be used to reach the wish successfully.

Make my wish gift box

Make my wish gift box comes with 1 each of luck and Fortune Pyracard (pyramid Fortune card),a wish pyramid, a fortune chip and Pyra subhlabh. 7059- contains 4 items Most Powerful Protection Gift box Gift Box Your work is done all gift box are finished with a clear wrap and Satin Ribbon