How to create Vaastu home?

Traditionally Vaastu science has been focused on homes or living/working place and that is how this science evolved that if the principles are applied it benefits home owner/resident tremendously. Few key things to look at are:

Center of the property: In ancient India property had a center hall or courtyard which brought in the universal positive to your dwelling. This has changed with smaller modern dwelling. This center of any property can be re energized with a Pyramid. Pyramid essentially brings in the universal energy inside the home.

Look at the tools for center activation property .

Kitchen: Kitchen ideally should be situated in the South East corner of the property (Fire corner) This is the ideal spot and will benefit the inhabitant health and stability. This also includes having fireplace at the South East quadrant. The pyramid tools like Shift Max can help to shift the kitchen virtually and bring it to the South East corner from the place where it is located.

Bedrooms: The bedrooms should conform to principles of vaastu. Master bedroom are important and it should be located in South west corner of the house. This bring a very peaceful calmness and restfulness to the owner. In case bedrooms is not located in this corner it can be virtually shifted with a shift max pyramid. Our pyramids are designed specifically for building Vastu correction, Which means without changing the building defect pyramid can take care of upto 98% of the negative energy and correct them, just by placing the pyramid.

Bathrooms: The bathrooms should be located at any position but never in the North east corner of the house. It effects home owners adversely. If bathrooms are located in any other section it needs to be corrected with a pyra band and Natron. Additionally the bathrooms should not be attached to the bedrooms as they bring in negative energy. If such is the case the bathrooms can be corrected with Pyraband and placing a Natron in the ceiling of the bathroom.

Slopes Layout: This form an important part of property and it should be ascertain that the slopes are in North and east and high hills are in south and west. The ideal shape should be rectangle or a square but never a triangle or other odd or irregular shape.

Best Location in an ideal house

Northeast corner of a house or building is governed by water. If this corner is lower than the whole building the water will flow to the corner. Keeping this corner high or having it cut means suffering for the occupants as per Vaastu. No weight of any kind should be kept this corner and it should not have anything in this corner except photos of your Gods.

Northwest corner is by air. If this corner is cut it means the air does not flow into the house. This corner should also not be higher and should not be blocked with heavy things.

Southwest corner is the corner ruled by our ancestors who have already gone from this world. Cutting of this corner means honoring them and not giving them a place to live. They create all sorts of problems for the family whose house, building or factory is cut in the Southwest direction.

Southeast corner is ruled by fire. This portion of the building can have anything which is not to be cut. A cut in this corner also creates lots of problems for the family.

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