How to test your soil of your yard?

There are 3 important factors to consider when you test your yard soil for vastu purposes.

ColorFirst thing is to consider the color of the soil. Vastu says white is suitable for learned and teachers, red color soil is good for warrior, yellow is very suitable to business class, and black is suitable for working class.

Taste Test Vastu desires to test the soil by taste. Sweet is good for. Teachers or learned Brahmins, bitter for warriors, sour for business people and any other taste for other working classes.

The land should have a pleasant smell and should be cultivable. You should be able to grow all kinds of crop on it. Land where things cannot be grown is not considered good example is brick kiln land, rocky land is not considered good for purchasing.

Filling test-The other test is to dig a knee deep hole in the middle of the yard and then refill the same with the excavated mud. If the filled soil spills over the hole is that some soil is still left after the hole is filled,it is good soil,buy this property. If nothing is left over and the soil fills the hole completely it is an average property neither good nor bad.If however the pit is still vacant after you have filled It with all soil excavated from the hole, it is not a good land,it may be bad property to buy.

Vibrations Lastly the easiest method to analyze a property, house is to adorn the vibration of the soil. Go to the location which you want to buy or rent and stand there and observe the vibrations for one or few minutes,with closed eyes. See how you feel there. If you feel happiness,some up liftment and good vibration, buy or rent the property. If you feel disturbed,sad, not so good feeling leave the property.

Adapted from Pyravastu TM workshop by Prof Dr. Jiten Bhatt where this is illustrated

For detail knowledge get PyraVaastu book by Dr. Dhara Bhatt