House facing cemetery-needs Protection!


The property facing cemetery should be avoided as negative energy flows through such a property. This brings disturbance and tensions for its residents.

Virtual wall

facing cemetery will protect from disturbances and tensions.

Make a trench Place a max every 9 feet or a promax every 17 feet along the front of the house in a dug up trench. This trench should be as long as the length of the front yard by 18 inches wide and 2 feet deep trench in front of the house. In case the cemetery is on the sides or backyard of the property then the trench should be along that end of the property.

Virtual Doorway

This doorway has to be created for positive energy to come in. Put 1 max on each side of the doorway which is 18-20 feet wide. Also make the path with putting on either side 1 max every 9 feet.