Pyramid Gifts for Children sure to bring delight this holiday and every occasion. Select from 18

Pyramid Fortune cards

listed. Kids attract to Pyramid Fortune cards due to birthdate customization and pyramid fixture. They will program the card and put the stickers. Instructions are easy. Go online to calculate unique number.This card will bring strength and confidence in them.

Education pyramid:brings grounding and stability in them

Pyron:18 pyrons to select from. Based on childs birthdate select a pyron to bring good fortune of pyramids in their life.Based on 9 planets*

Study seat

: Helps in concentration and study

Alfa glasses: help in relaxing eyes after a long day, pyramid shape opaque fits all size.

Fortune key chain: put the keys of locker or rooms safely in the key chain.

Bike pyramid:stick on bike or any two wheeler

Car pyramid: did the young adult just started driving select the protection of car pyramid, protect the car and protect the loved one, Your good wished go many miles. This pyramid will keep them in control while in car, and never leave them stranded!

Mobile Pyramid: protect from the harmful radiation with the pyramid chip for mobile phone. Can hang or stick to the phone.

Fortune chip: Pyramid chip goes on the laptop or ipad, protects and guards your child,s important work.

Also look at Pyrons * These 9 planets are Sun,Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, rahu(ascending lunar node), ketu(descending lunar node)