Find the Cardinal direction, North, South, East and West alt

1) Place a compass in the middle of the yard. Take a reel of thread and align the same with needle of the compass from the north point of your yard to the south point of your yard. This gives you the exact position of Magnetic North and the South. Put some mark under the thread. Take another thread and put the same at right angle on the earlier marks at the place where you put your compass. That will give East and West directions of your yard. From these four directions you can have other directions too. How this modern science came to be is a wonder. By using two ancient wonders namely Pyramids of Egypt and Vedic science the Pyramid science can fix a lot of ailments and defects. Also look up PyraVaastu book by Dr. Dhara Bhatt read by millions and techniques used by many more! Follow Some of the rules below to get desired results. alt

2) Kitchen should be in the Southeast and the cook of the house should always face East when cooking. It will avoid health (medical) problems in the house.

3) Never make your kitchen towards the Northeast.

4) Keep your costly goods or money in the North side of your house.

5) Best locations in an ideal house

East – Bathroom(without toilet)

South – Bedroom

North – Store for money or jewelry

Northwest – Store room, Guest room

Southwest – Library, Bedroom of the Master of the house

Northeast – Pooja room(Prayer room)

Southeast – Kitchen

8) Your guest house should be in the Northwest or South eastern side. For location, please see Ideal house layout.

9) The owner of the house should have his bedroom in the Southwestern side. “VAASTU” is very particular about the directions, rather “VAASTU” is a Science of Directions only. “Vaastu” basically accounts for Eight out of Ten directions









This is illustrated Vaastu manual for Pyramid Yantra, Pyravastu, Fengshui, beginners and practitioners